REVIEW – McFly Release Incredible Album ‘Young Dumb Thrills’

Galaxy Defenders have waited a long, ten years for this moment. The wait is finally over. McFly have finally blessed 2020 with their brand-new studio album “Young Dumb Thrills” – which is now available to stream on Spotify!

These twelve tracks are some of the best music McFly have ever created – and that is one strong statement to make. It wouldn’t be fair to write just a generic review for “Young Dumb Thrills” after such a long wait. So, without further ado, let’s break this down track by track.

1) Happiness

“Happiness” was the first single McFly released ahead of the album. It gave fans an insight in to what direction their new sound was heading in. “Happiness” does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a joyful number that you can’t help but smile to whilst listening. The four rockers also released a comical video to go alongside the release – which was filmed during the first lockdown. It has to be one of the most creative music videos you will see in 2020. The video is available to watch on Youtube below;

2) Another Song About Love

Next up we have “Another Song About Love.” A track that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The title is quite self explanatory – it really is another song about love. Cleverly written lyrics tell us that McFly know that there are a million love songs that you can listen to…but they’re going to write another one for you anyway! Ironically, it’s the realisation that they’re aware they’re not being all that original that makes “Another Song About Love” so unique, and it’s absolute genius! Yes, it is another love song…but written in a completely different way.

3) You’re Not Special

McFly have hit us with a bit of a reality check with “You’re Not Special.” The band have successfully created a song that’s a gentle reminder that nobody is special – even them. A lyric that we’re sure will hit home for many listeners is;

“Don’t ever meet your hero, we’re ordinary people. They’ll only let you down”

It reminds us of the quote “There are two ways to dehumanise a person: to dismiss them, and to idolise them.” The moment you realise that you’re just like everybody else, you can live a more fulfilling life.

It has such an inspiring concept that express a few home truths. A lesson that everyone needs to learn whether they like it or not.

4) Head Up

Bassist Dougie Poynter takes the lead with insanely catchy song “Head Up.” We can see this being such an anthem for McFly fans at gigs. It’s a track that can easily bring a crowd of strangers together and sing something they’re all so passionate about. It’s a fun-loving track with a powerful message behind it. A reminder to literally keep your head up in life. Dougies vocals are a wonderful addition to the song also.

5) Tonight Is The Night

“Tonight Is The Night” was the second single the four-piece released before the full album dropped. Quite the contrast to “Happiness.” It’s a track all about witnessing someone you look up to struggle with their mental health. Whilst this may be hard to watch, seeing that person you idolise as a human being, makes you want to deal with the mental health problems that you are facing.

The song is rather therapeutic to someone who might be dealing with what’s going on inside their head. It can be an eye-opening listening experience. McFly also dropped an upbeat music video for “Tonight Is The Night” which you can watch below;

6) Young Dumb Thrills (feat. RAT BOY)

The track that inspired the title of the album “Young Dumb Thrills” features iconic musician RAT BOY. This has to be the only song on the album that sounds the way it does. It stands out amongst the rest to keep you on your toes. This might not be the collabortion that you would expect from the McFly boys, but boy have they made it work! We can picture a whole crowd full of people bouncing to “Young Dumb Thrills” and partying the night away.

7) Growing Up (feat. Mark Hoppus)

If you pre-ordered the album ahead of the release day, you may have already heard “Growing Up.” It features the legendary Blink-182 star Mark Hoppus. Marks and Dougies vocals blend together so perfectly. It’s what makes the track so addictive. You have a crossover between Blink-182’s sound, and McFly’s, what more could you possibly ask for in a song? It’s all about being in a band, and how it is the best job in the world. For that reason, you’ll want to put a band together yourself. Dust off those air guitars ladies and gentlemen, you’re going to need it for this one.

8) Mad About You

“Mad About You” is a rather dreamy song that you can get lost in. McFly have always been notorious for the contrasting vocals Tom and Danny have. Both of their voices are so different from each other, but so perfectly in sync at the same time. It’s what makes their music so different. This talent truly stands out in “Mad About You.” They have successfully told a beautiful story using equally beautiful harmonies.

9) Sink or Sing

Danny Jones shines through on “Sink or Sing.’ It’s one of the more slower song we hear on “Young Dumb Thrills.” It starts off with a stunning, acoustic guitar melody alongside Danny’s angel-like voice, before gradually building up into this bewitching work of art. It’s simple, yet easy to appreciate.

10) Like I Can

“Like I Can” tells a tale about nobody loving you the way your significant other can. Once again, we’re obsessing over Danny’s vocals. But they’re blended together with Harry’s insane drumming skills and Dougie’s bass. You cannot find a better bass dream team like Harry and Dougie. Just like Tom and Danny’s vocals, they have a way of coming together to create a masterpiece. When all four of them come together, there’s no stopping them.

“Like I can” will have you swaying like the breeze. You’ll find yourself in a trance that will be hard to snap out of.

11) Wild and Young

Now, we’re back to the upbeat, fun sound that we all love McFly for. “Wild and Young” gives off massive festival vibes. It will take you back to the best times of your life, whilst also getting you excited for the times ahead. There’s something hopeful about that feeling. With a year like 2020, “Wild and Young” allows you to look forward to the years to come, and makes you realise that one day, 2020 will be something of the past.

12) Not the End

Last, but certainly not least, we have “Not the End.” And what an end to the album it is. It’s bouncy, feel-good, and just easy to listen to and fall in love with. This will be the perfect track for your chill out playlist. The best bands in the music industry are the ones where you can hear every, individual members contribution. It’s fine to have a frontman/woman, but what about the rest of the band? They can sometimes get forgotten about. But not in McFly. “Not the End” highlights that every member has a place in this band and we love it.

And there we have it. Ten years of waiting and McFly have not left us disappointed. Every track was worth the wait. You can now stream this incredible album on Spotify, or if you’re old school like us, you can order the physical versions here. So you don’t miss out hearing any of these bangers live, tickets for the “Young Dumb Thrills” tour can be found here.

ITV will be showing a very special documentary called McFly: All About Us at 6:40pm on Saturday 14th November. It’s been said to be intimate and emotional so get the tissues ready! For more updates on what Tom, Danny, Harry, and Dougie are up to, be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

So, what did you think of “Young Dumb Thrills”? Let us know what your favourite track is over on our Twitter! – @AboutThe_Noise