About The Team

We are two sisters that both share a love for music. We both grew up listening to bands such as McFly and Busted and we’re using that mutual love to help spread the news of what’s going on in the world of music! From everyone’s favourite chart toppers, to promoting smaller artists that deserve more press attention. We also share news and reviews of current TV/film releases. We’ve got it all, About The Noise is the place to be!


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Hello! My name’s Em and I am the co-founder of About The Noise. After graduating from Birmingham City University with a BA (HONS) degree in Media and Communications, and dipping in and out of radio production, I decided that I wanted to become a music writer. I also write for Essentially Pop and CelebMix and now I’m sharing my passion with Soph on About The Noise. I’m a massive band nerd and love attending concerts and festivals! Huge fan of McFly, The Vamps, 5SOS, All Time Low…Basically, if I can play them full blast I’m all for it!


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Hey guys! I’m Soph, co-founder of About The Noise. After following music sites such as Essentially Pop, I was keen to collaborate with Em to bring you reviews and posts about new and existing artists. I’m a huge McFly and Jedward fan! When I’m not working full time, I like to attend music festivals with my family. I also spend a lot of time participating in and hosting quizzes, locally and virtually!

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