GIG REVIEW – McFly Take the O2 Arena By Storm!

On Sunday 21st November, McFly performed at the O2 for one night only (again). The packed arena was nothing but energy and good vibes!

The O2 arena is known for its’ huge names and spacious environment. Once the fans had grabbed their merch and got to their seats, the show was ready to kick off.

The support act was named ‘Hot Milk’ and did a great job of warming up the crowd. Their energy was second to none on stage, and their music truly filled the room. You could tell that the band members loved every minute of being on stage, and it was a joy to watch.

Fans were ecstatic as McFly ran on the stage line little bursts of energy. Starting the gig with an upbeat number, they performed ‘Star Girl’ followed by ‘One For the Radio’, both favourites of the crowd.

The layout of the arena included the OMFG Zone. With the stage coming out in a semi circle, gig goers were able to stand in the middle of this, as well as a better view for the seated crowd when they walked around the shape.

The band really gave what the fans wanted to hear in the first half of their performance, including classics such as ‘Obviously’ and ‘Friday Night’. The majority of tracks were upbeat, as the crowd sang them word for word. About half way through, Danny headed to the B Stage in the middle of the arena to perform ‘Red’. With his red corded microphone, he gave us an incredible performance that made the crowd go crazy.

After this, the tone became quieter as the boys performed some acoustic songs. When on their ‘Young Dumb Thrills’ tour, Tom Caught Covid and was unable to make some of the tour dates. At this time, Dougie stepped in and took Tom’s’ place showing off his incredible vocals for track ‘POV’. At the O2, they stuck with this routine and Tom stepped aside for Dougie to sing the track.

McFly soon picked up the pace again. After the acoustics on the B Stage, McFly returned to the front with their newer material, from the ‘Young Dumb Thrills’ album released last year. The encore included possibly the bands 2 most known songs, ‘5 Colours In Her Hair’ and ‘It’s All About You’.

With ecstatic energy from start to finish, it’s no surprise that McFly know how to put on a good show. Their set list was incredible, covering old and new material as well as fandom favourites. This truly was a night to remember for all who attended.

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