McFly Drop Music Video for Single ‘Happiness’

McFly never let us down with their music videos. We’ve even created a Top 5 of all our favourite ones! The new one they have just released for their single “Happiness” definitely belongs on this list!

With the current situation in the world right now, it’s difficult to do…well anything, let alone create a music video. McFly have proved that you can be just as creative, despite the circumstances. The video is a combination of footage the band have filmed in their houses, and cartoon versions of themselves doing whacky things.

At the beginning of the video, we see a cartoon version of Tom in London accidentally spinning the London Eye too fast. Later, we see Danny also on the streets of London not looking quite like himself. He’s waiting at a bus stop…well…his head is. His face has been placed on a tall, muscular, doll-like figurine. You know what? Instead of us trying to describe this crazy video to you, just give it a watch! You have to see it to understand it. You also won’t regret it!

After eight long years since McFly released their last single, they have answered our prayers and have put new music out into the world. “Happiness” is the bands first single off their new album “Young Dumb Thrills” – which you can hear from the 13th of November. If you can’t wait that long, you can pre-order your copy from McFly’s website.

The single and music video is sure to put a massive smile on your face. Which is great because the title “Happiness” truly lives up to its name. We can’t wait to hear more. Make sure you’re following the bands’ FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for more updates!

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