GIG REVIEW – McFly Wrap Up Their ‘Young Dumb Thrills’ Tour

It’s been quite the journey for McFly these past couple of weeks. Travelling the country, glitter balls, giant bears, singing broccoli, and having to finish the show a man down, all while performing in front of their adoring fanbase. Despite their setbacks, they did not disappoint.

Mcfly announced their comeback two years ago now. After a successful, sold out show at the O2 back in 2019, they decided to do a comeback tour for those who were unable to attend that show. Alas, this tour was not meant to be as Covid hit the world with a vengeance. This tour was rescheduled after they released their new album “Young Dumb Thrills” – making it the Young Dumb Thrills Tour.

The time finally came for them to finally head out on the road – but it wasn’t and easy journey. We attended more than one date of this tour and experienced the highs and lows ourselves, for now, let us focus on the positives. The show that they put together was absolutely fantastic. A show no other band could put together. They took the phrase “go big or go home” to a whole new level. We’ll start off by talking about their soundcheck that they put together for the fans that have signed up to their McFly Total Access site – it’s a website that provides a lot of perks of you’re a big fan. Here, you were able to witness their soundcheck and they took song requests. Fans being fans would always choose the most niche songs for them to play, which never fails to get a few giggles.

Fast forward a few hours later, and the real fun begins. The lights go down and the audience was treated to a hilarious opening video to the iconic pistola bear “controlling” what is going on on stage. A very creative way for the band to be introduced. The crowd went wild when they finally came on stage. Of course, they sang everyone’s favourites; “5 Colours In Her Hair,” “Love Is Easy,” “All About You,” “Obviously,” “Room On The Third Floor.” As it was the “Young Dumb Thrills” tour, they also sang some new material they have never played before including “Wild and Young,” “Growing Up,” “Happiness,” and “Another Song About Love.” They had a b-stage placed in the middle of the arena where Danny Jones made an unforgettable performance of “Red.” Tom then later joined him on that stage where they sang a wonderful acoustic medley of some of their more niche songs.

It was after their acoustic set where they sang the majority of their new songs and…well, let’s just say we were not prepared for what came next. Remember the pistola bear that introduced them at the beginning? Well, the story continued, and he made himself…bigger. And what came on stage was a thing of nightmares…but it was absolutely insane. A giant, massive, extraordinary, moving bear came out on stage with lights in its eyes. It was terrifying, but you could not look away. How they managed to trek a 40ft bear around the country with them is just baffling, but it was so awesome, we’re glad they did.

There were some surprises that made the set list. “Broccoli” – an album track on their very first album – made an appearance. The screening behind this song was highly humorous. Cartoon, singing broccoli were singing along with the band. Only at a McFly show, yes? They also sang “Dragonball” which was a song that got accidently leaked YEARS ago. The band have just discovered how amazing the song is and re-recorded it. It was an incredible addition to the setlist, and they have even dropped it on Spotify for all to hear! You can watch the video for the song via YouTube below;

As some of you may know, Tom announced that he is taking part in this years Strictly Come Dancing. He has been rehearsing as he was touring, (how he found the energy is just mind blowing), sadly however, after this week’s show, he was tested positive for Covid-19 and was forced to isolate. There were three more shows of tour when this happened (one of which we attended), and a few changes were made. Dougie had to sing more which, despite the circumstances, was an absolute treat. Sadly, “Broccoli” and “Love Is Easy” were taken off, but “Transylvania” and “POV” were added to the setlist which was a blessing.

They were also joined by their friend a young lad called Tom to fill in for…Tom. Tom (the fill in) is in a band called “Chapter 13.” McFly invited him along so he can help them finish the tour. And he did an excellent job. He had some big shoes to fill and together with the remaining members, they still put on one hell of a show. It wasn’t the same without Tom Fletcher of course, but the remaining members deserve all the praise as they did a fantastic job of keeping the party going.

There were highs. There were lows. But, overall, it was a tour that was worth the wait. Fans loved every moment and haven’t hesitated to share their experience on their socials;

We’ve said it once, we’ll say it again, McFly are a band you NEED to see live. They will be performing at the O2 Arena once again on the 21st of November. Tickets are limited, but you can find out more over on the bands website. Be sure to follow their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more updates! Also, show your support to little Tom by following Chapter 13 on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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