McFly Release Music Video for ‘You’re Not Special’

McFly have just released the music video for their delightful track “You’re Not Special” – which features on their most recent album “Young Dumb Thrills.” The video can now be viewed below!

“You’re Not Special” is a beautiful song that talks about how we’re all the same. It may not be easy to be told that we’re not special, but, realistically, by saying everyone is special then nobody is. McFly bring you down to earth with this track – and it’s oddly comforting. They gently deflate our egos with stunning lyricism and wonderful muscianship.

The video itself sees Tom, Danny, Harry, and Dougie on a beach singing the track, whilst scenes change to teenage friends enjoying each others company. The fact that the band are walking on quite a murky beach on a cloudy day fits the tone of the song excellently. They’re talking about how it’s okay to have imperfections, whilst having a stroll on an imperfect day.

“Young Dumb Thrills” was released late last year and was the bands first album to be dropped in a whopping ten years! It’s certainly been a long time coming – but boy was it worth the wait. The tracks on there discuss a variety of themes such as mental health, what it’s like to be happy, growing up in a band, and loads more. The album is some of the McFly’s best work yet, so make sure you go check that out on Spotify now!

The guys have also been keeping their fans entertained on their brand-new streaming service called “McFly Total Access.” Here, you can find past content, live shows from pervious tours, their One Night Only Show at the O2, and hilarious live-streams that they do regularly. They have recently been live-streaming the process of re-vamping old songs that never really made it anywhere. Fans can vote for their favourite songs they have heard in the past and they’ll re-produce it in just 48 hours. They’re calling it “The Resurrection Sessions.” To get involved, you can check it out here.

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