GIG REVIEW – McFly and The Vamps Take the Stage at Trentham Live!

Music lovers gather at Stoke-On-Trent in order to attend the absolutely fantastic festival Trentham Live on the first weekend of September! McFly, The Vamps, and Alfie Boe made the best headliners for the event!

From Friday to Sunday, Trentham Live put on well hell of a party. We were lucky enough to attend two out of the three incredible days. Arriving on the Friday, the first thing we noticed was how amazing the venue was. Trentham Estate is a beautiful venue filled with marvellous scenery. As the weather held up, you were able to sit, relax, and enjoy its beauty before the music even started. The staff were great and there was no confusion as to where we needed to go. Nothing can be faulted in terms of the organisation.

The party truly started when McFly took the stage and gave their audience a show that no one will forget in a hurry. McFly’s music is timeless, meaning that the audience was filled with a wonderful mixture of fans. We experienced grandmas dancing with their young grandkids – all of which knew every word to every song. Grown men showing off their dance moves to “Obviously,” a hen party who were sporting magnificent McFly related t-shirts; McBribe, Mcbridesmaid, McMotheroftheBride, you get the idea. A beautiful highlight that we needed to share was when the band bought one of these young fans on stage to join them for a sing along. An adorable little boy name Finley melted the crowds hearts with his rendition of “All About You” – he even showed off his skills by singing a Bruce Springsteen song! The crowd was so connected through the power of music. You could physically feel the connection. McFly successfully bought this obscure mixture of people together.

Saturday was just as well organised as the last. On this day, Rak-Su gave an insane performance! They knew how to keep a crowd entertained. Their catchy music translated excellently live. Their dance moves were almost envious. You just wished you could move along like them, despite the fact that you may have no rhythm – but the crowd certainly did try their best!

After Rak-Su warmed the crowd up, headliners of the night “The Vamps” took over and the crowd went wild! This was their first show back after nearly two years of not performing! You could see that this moment overwhelmed them and that they were very happy doing what they do best. They sang some old classics including “Can We Dance,” “Somebody To You,” and “Wake Up.” Last year, The Vamps released their most recent album “Cherry Blossom,” – which reached Number 1 in the UKs Official Album Chart! They were yet to sing these songs in front of an audience however, Trentham saw them perform these newer songs. They opened the show with their single “Married in Vegas” – which got the crowd more pumped than before! They later sang fan favourites “Chemicals” and “Would You.” A new song that was a highlight for us personally was “Part of Me.” The song features on our “Top 5 Underrated The Vamps Songs – Part 2” and we were pleasantly surprised when it appeared on the setlist. They vamped it up and somehow made it sound even more better! (So many vamps puns. We just can’t resist.)

The party continued onto the Sunday where the crowd saw Alfie Boe, Collabro, and Jai McDawall. Sadly, we were unable to attend this day, but by the looks of the reviews via social media, the crowd once again had a fantastic time. This festival cannot be faulted. The golden circle experience was wonderful. The way it was placed, everyone had an amazing view of the stage. Whilst there weren’t many food vans, they were all different and provided an excellent service. Trentham Live have proved that sometimes less is more. All you need is a good venue, good food, and a line-up that will keep you dancing all night long! Check, check, and check!

It’s an event that is definitely worth your time. Tickets are already available for next year, and they will be announcing the 2022 headliners very soon! For more updates, be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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