McFly Release New Single ‘Where Did All The Guitars Go?’ and Announce New Album!

Photo Credit - Haris Nukem

It’s been two years since McFly released their sixth studio album “Young Dumb Thrills.” Now, they’re back with a whole new album!

Fans of the band have been anticipating new music from the moment their sixth album came out, they simply can’t get enough. They crave their music as they crave air. The wait is finally over after Tom, Danny, Dougie and Harry surprised their fans with the release of their brand-new single “Where Did All The Guitars Go?” Despite what the title may suggest, the track is filled with energetic guitar solos, as well as infectious beats and catchy lyrics. It’s very reminiscent of one of their previous albums “Radio Active.” It has that classic McFly sound, but vamped up the rock aspect by 100%. It’s a song that every guitar lover and music fan wants to hear. They claim that “rock and roll is good for the soul,” and no truer words have ever been spoken.

When speaking of the release, the band explain;

“At the start of the process, we all got together and said what we wanted this new album to be. We all had this one thing in common, and it was guitars. We love being on tour and playing live, and we hate this weird pressure where you don’t get played on the radio if you have guitars in your songs. That was always in the back of our heads, so we decided to forget all about it and that same day Tom wrote ‘Where Did All The Guitars Go?’ on the way home. On every album, there’s a song which becomes a foundation, a lightbulb moment, and this was it. Guitars, honesty, energy, all these personality traits are what give us the band’s identity. We want to reach that kid with long hair, get them excited about music and make them want to pick up a guitar and jump on their bed. That’s what this record is about.”

“Where Did All The Guitars Go” is the leading single of McFly’s seventh studio album they have cleverly titled “Power To Play.” The album is due to be out on the 9th of June via BMG, and is now available to pre-order! The album has been described as their most boldest album yet. The band have explained via Official Charts UK that “Where Did All The Guitars Go?” feels “like we had the foundation of the album.” So, the new single is a great indication of what direction McFly have taken the album in. If it’s anything to go by, this could be the bands most daring and best album yet.

“Where Did All The Guitars Go?” is now available via all major streaming platforms! To keep up to date with McFly, you can follow them on Twitter and Instagram!

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