REVIEW – The Lunar Year Drop Insane New EP

The Lunar Year are an alt duo consisting of Connor Ball – bassist of The Vamps – and Sasa Macek – drummer of Cheat Codes. Together, they have created a fantastic, self-titled EP that will absolutely blow your mind.

1) Back For More

Late last year, the duo released their first single of their new venture titled “Back For More” which is the first track to be featured on the EP. The single opened the first page of their new chapter, and gave their listeners a glimpse as to what’s to come. With its catchy beats, and easy to learn lyrics, the EP is already setting the bar high. But it only gets better from here on out.

2) When The Sun Fades

“When The Sun Fades” is a track that hasn’t been previously released – meaning that this is the first time fans have been able to hear it. It was well worth the wait. Dealing with anxiety seems to be the main theme throughout the entire EP, making each and every song relatable. Lyrically, the track delves deep into the serious topic yet The Lunar Year have made it into a catchy, upbeat song that you won’t be able to play just the once. The contrast between the lyrics and the music makes the song memorable and would be an absolute blast to witness it play live. Perfect for fans of Yungblud.

3) You Don’t Miss Me

Moving on slightly from the mental health theme, “You Don’t Miss Me” takes the focus away by telling the story of a relationship – where one half of a relationship misses the other more than they do after they have ended. Similar to “When The Sun Fades,” Connor and Sasa have been able to take a sad situation, and what is usually a hard time in someone’s life, and turn it into something positive using the power of music. The storytelling within the lyricism in what makes the track stand out. At the beginning, we hear how this individual is not coping with missing the other person. As the song continues, the dynamic changes and we hear how he is gradually being able to deal with the situation. Sasa’s insane drumming skills are prominent throughout the track. Add that to Connors fantastic vocals, and they have proven that they are the ultimate dream team.

4) Nothing

The transition between “You Don’t Miss Me” and “Nothing” is absolutely flawless. The Lunar Year have toned the vibe down now and we witness a beautifully, taunting song about what it feels like to live with anxiety. Connor has been very open with his struggles with anxiety in the past, and you can hear his struggles and deep emotion within every lyric sung – and it is wonderfully done. Sasas drumming is absolutely fantastic throughout, but shines brightly in the second verse. Every part about the song can be appreciated so easily and it is simply addicting.

5) Medicine

“Medicine” is up next and this was the second single the duo released ahead of the EP. This one discusses the struggle of putting up a front when you’re dealing with inner demons. Whilst “Nothing” takes it down a notch, and brings out the slower side, “Medicine” picks up the pace and allows the listener to rock out once again. Songs like this are important when wanting to spread awareness about mental health. It shows that everyone needs help sometimes, and hearing artists you’re a fan of talk about the issues that they have experience, lets you know that you are not alone. Listening to a track like this is likely to bring comfort to those who hear it.

6) Boys Will Cry

Finally the EP draws to a close with “Boys Will Cry” and the track is the perfect finish what what is the perfect debut EP. And it has one hell of a message. It is common knowledge that society has put up a wall when it comes to talking about mental health in men. Men are meant to be the strong ones. They’re not allowed to have emotions, and when they are brave enough to show them, they then get branded as “weak.” “Boys Will Cry” challenges this theory. It’s a stunning track that sends out an important message. Connor showed off his skating skills on Dancing on Ice a few months back, and he did a wonderful routine to “Boys Will Cry.” It bought the track to life and it’s a pleasure to watch. You can view it below in case you missed it;

Our words just can’t do it justice and explain it as well as The Lunar Year, so be sure to check out “Boys Will Cry,” as well as all the other tracks we’ve talked about on all major streaming platforms now!

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