James McVey Releases First Solo Single ‘Dancing on the Head of a Needle’

James McVey of The Vamps has just released his very first solo single titled “Dancing on the Head of a Needle” – and it just may take you by surprise.

The Vamps have been a band for 11 years now. They’ve had number 1 albums, multiple well loved singles, and been on several arena tours around the world. James is no stranger to this industry and now it is his time to shine on his own for a little while. “Dancing on the Head of a Needle” is a beautiful track that will transport you to a peaceful state of mind. Lyrically, it’s a track that you have to listen to multiple times in order to appreciate the lyricism at its full potential. Add that to the stunning guitar melodies and what you have is a beautiful blend of raw emotion.

James McVey is the guitarist of The Vamps and an incredible musician. Unfortunately and unfairly, he does not get enough credit that he deserves. But that’s all about to change because branching away from the band a little bit will allow listeners to see a different side of him. Bands releasing solo projects is a very good way to find themselves as an artist and it usually does the whole band a whole lot of good in the long run. Bassist Connor Ball has also branched away slightly in his band The Lunar Year which focuses more on the pop-punk genre. Both sound very different to what The Vamps usually release and it’s fantastic to hear what they are coming up with outside of the band.

Don’t worry though Vamps fans, the band have made it clear that they are not going anywhere. This is a completely healthy where for members to express themselves and it should be celebrated. Members releasing solo projects just means we get more out of them and that’s truly fabulous. “Dancing on the Head of a Needle” can now be streamed on all major streaming platforms!

James McVey has hinted that there is more to come, so be sure to follow his Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok to find out more!

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