The Lunar Year Drop New Punk Banger ‘Hey! Wait!

After releasing their debut EP last year, The Lunar Year are back with new music, and their new single “Hey! Wait!” is their most addictive track yet!

“Hey! Wait!” is for those who live and breathe the pop-punk sound. It’s like being transported back into the early 2000s punk scene. If you think you’ve escaped your high school “emo phase,” listening to “Hey! Wait!” will make you wonder why you left in the first place. It’s addictive, caand probably one of the most relatable songs most of us would have heard this year.

The track focuses on realising that you never truly live in the moment. You’re waiting for something good to happen in a pool of anxiety, always in constant worry about the future. That is, until you pause for a moment and come to the realisation that your life is passing you by…and it’s actually pretty good. What you were waiting for this entire time had always been there, you just hadn’t realised it until now.

The Lunar Year consists of Connor Ball (The Vamps) and Sasa Macek (Cheat Codes), and when writing their new single, they collaborated with the pop-punk king himself; Mark Hoppus of Blink-182! His inspiration definitely shines through however, Connor and Sasa’s execution is what makes the single what it is. “Hey! Wait!” is one to take to the stage in a concert venue or a festival. It will get the crowd off their feet and dancing, even if they were only introduced to The Lunar Year.

The duo have hinted that there is more new music to come with talks of a whole album, so be sure to follow The Lunar Year on TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram for more updates! “Hey! Wait!” is now available to stream via all major streaming platform!

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