LUNARS Drop Spooky New Single “Buried In The Basement”

Ahead of Halloween, LUNARS have released a new, catchy track called “Buried In The Basement” – perfect song for the spooky season!

LUNARS – previously known as The Lunar Year – are great at belting out incredible pop-punk tracks that are just completely addicting. They’ve released songs such as “Boys Will Cry” that is an emotional track about men’s mental health, and other singles such as “Back For More” that is an upbeat track about a toxic relationship. Now, “Buried In The Basement” offers something different once again. The new single talks about a girl that has a “slight” obsession with true crime and horror.

We all know that one person who we’re a little bit concerned about because they might be a bit TOO obsessed with serial killers…and if you don’t know that person, then chances are you ARE that person. Well, “Buried In The Basement” are for those people. Clever lyrics alongside the infectious beat creates the perfect, upbeat punk song – if you are a fan of that genre, there is no doubt that you will absolutely fall for this song.

LUNARS will also be releasing a new single next week called “Figure It Out.” The band have already posted snippets of this song on their socials and by the sounds of it, it’s going to be another belter. A complete contrast to “Buried In The Basement”, mind. But that’s okay because we love a bit of variety! Be sure to head back here next week for a full review!

“Buried In The Basement” is now available to stream on Spotify, and be sure to follow LUNARS on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok for updates about further releases!

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