REVIEW – Steps Release ‘What The Future Holds Pt. 2’

Steps release their brand new album in a follow up to their last. You can listen to ‘What The Future Holds Pt2’ on all major streaming platforms!

The group have done an incredible job over the last few years by keeping their unique sound but also blending that to suit the current pop scene. This album certainly proves why Steps are still charging to this day, well over 20 years in the business.

Take Me For A Ride’ opens the album beautifully, and is also the groups latest single release. With an 80s vibe and incredible harmonies, the track is about having your good nature taken advantage of, and putting your foot down with your thoughts when a loved one is gas lighting how you feel, making you believe you’re paranoid.

A couple of tracks later, we have ‘A Hundred Years of Winter’. Acknowledging that failed relationships is more common than ever, Steps discuss how it feels when a relationship is breaking down. It’s also an absolute bop.

‘Victorious’ showcases incredible vocals from the singers, and their wide range of abilities. We can hear this blasting in clubs all over the UK, with an impressive drop at the chorus!

‘The Slightest Touch’ is another one to hit right in your feels. It’s a perfect combination of the Steps vibe with a new twist. The track concludes the new tracks fabulously, before moving on to a series of acoustics and remixes of the album!

When discussing the album, Ian ‘H’ Watkins said:

“Some of our favourites include ‘Take Me For A Ride’ which has a proper 80s vibe (written by Mark Topham and Karl Twigg, who co-wrote One For Sorrow, Stomp and Deeper Shade Of Blue and is their first joint song in nearly two decades) and ‘A Hundred Years of Winter’ which is an icy electronic anthem written by our friend, the brilliant songwriter Darren Hayes from Savage Garden.”

As well as the exciting new album, Steps have also announced ‘Steptember’ in the run up to the release. This includes a whole month of competitions, daily surprises, exclusive videos and music releases as well as live chats. As you can imagine, fans are thrilled with this exclusive event lasting an entire month.

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