After a whopping 25 years, Steps have released ‘The Platinum Collection’ spanning favourites from over their many successful releases.

The collection is now available to listen to on all major streaming platforms. With tracks from 1997 to 2022, you’re sure to find your favourite, and a few hidden new releases too!

The collection begins with ‘Scared Of The Dark’, which really placed the group back on the map after their hiatus. Following this is ‘Deeper Shade of Blue’, so the stakes are high early with this collection! A firm fan favourite with one of the most loved dance routines complete with the track.

A few tracks later we have ‘Tragedy’. The Bee-Gees cover we didn’t know we needed until it’s release in 1998! It was released as a double A side to ‘Heartbeat’, also featured in their greatest hits. ‘What The Future Holds’ is one of their newer tracks, and is all about living for the moment and looking forward to the future.

‘It’s The Way You Make Me Feel’ has had huge success for many reasons, including becoming a firm LGBTQ+ anthem. With lyrics that many can relate to, it’s about finding the person who is right for you but with constant set backs making it not easy to make your move. This is a tear jerker live, too!

‘Story Of A Heart’ became a very popular album track from ‘Tears On The Dancefloor’. With a seriously infectious chorus and upbeat track, this one will be on your mind from just one listen! A couple of tracks later is ‘Better Best Forgotten’. Taking it right back to early Steps, this one will have your mind back to the 90’s in an instant. This is the one that had a lot of fans fall in love with the group, and is therefore sentimental to many fans.

Moving onto Deluxe CD2, ‘Say You’ll Be Mine’ remains one of the best music videos of all time. With their gold aesthetic, Kaye, Lisa, Claire, H and Lee interpret scenes from their favourite films. It’s a great reminder how they don’t take themselves too seriously, and is a really fun watch! ‘A Hundred Years of Winter’ is soon after and again, is a newer track. This features on album ‘What The Future Holds Pt. 2‘.

‘You’ll Be Sorry’ and ‘Words Are Not Enough’ will remind you of a Steps era that you might have forgotten. Similarly, ‘When I Said Goodbye’ is also one to not forget, as they slow it down to suit the vibe of the lyrics. A truly heartbreaking one.

There are various formats to The Platinum Collection including Standard CD, Deluxe 2CD, Vinyl, Digital and Cassette. Each member has also created their own special solo editions, with unique bonus tracks important to them individually.

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