Our Top 5 Tracks From The Vamps New Album “Cherry Blossom”

Today (16th of October) sees the release of The Vamps’ fifth studio album titled “Cherry Blossom” – now available to stream on Spotify!

Over the years, the boys have released some absolute bangers. After taking a short break, they’ve returned with what could be their best yet. “Cherry Blossom” has been described as one of their most personal albums they have released and they were in charge of pretty much all of it. 60% of “Cherry Blossom” was produced by the band themselves, and lyrically, they touch on some pretty heavy topics.

We love this album and wanted to share with you our top 5 favourite tracks. Here we go!:

5) Married In Vegas

“Married In Vegas” of course had to make it somewhere on this list. The track was written after the band had officially sent the album off finished, and were deciding what to release as their first single. Meanwhile, during lockdown, frontman Brad was on a call with Lostboy (who worked on some other songs on the album), and out came “Married In Vegas.” Brad sent it to the other boys and they knew this had to be their first single to introduce this era. It’s fun. It’s catchy. And the music video is so aesthetically pleasing.

4) Glory Days

“Glory Days” is the first track you hear. There’s always pressure with the first track as it’s generally where people start when listening to an album. It’s got to captivate the audience instantly. “Glory Days” does this wonderfully. The moral behind the song isn’t something you hear in songs often. It’s all about putting your phone and social media away and enjoying the moment you’re in. A lesson we all need to be reminded of every now and then.

3) Part Of Me

This is one of the most emotional songs on the album, yet at the same time one of the most upbeat. Lyrically, it will have you in tears. However, in the production, they’ve managed to lighten the mood, making it one of the most catchiest tracks. The contrast in the lyrics and the production makes this track what it is. It will rip your heart out and want to make you dance at the same time.

2) Better

“Better” was the third song The Vamps dropped ahead of the album release. They also released a banging music video. The video (seen above) sees Brad punching violently at a punching bag, letting all of his frustrations out. It’s no surprise that. “Better” made it onto this list. It works as a comfort blanket when you’re feeling at your lowest. Will help you see the bright side of things, and remind you to be the best that you can be. An extremely motivating song that will have you reaching for the replay button.

1) Treading Water

We are a sucker for an emotional song. Who doesn’t love a good ballad? Better yet, who doesn’t love a good ballad that you can cry to? Nobody is the answer to both of those questions. “Treading Water” is the final track on “Cherry Blossom” and it will make you feel emotions that you didn’t even know you had. It talks about loneliness and in order to feel okay, you need to work on yourself. Beautiful sentiment. Beautiful way to end an album. Just…beautiful. Definitely deserves the top place on this list but feel free to change our minds!

The Vamps have truly out done themselves with this record. It was no surprise that we were going to love it and we’re sure you will too!

What is your favourite song on “Cherry Blossom”? Do you agree with our picks? We want to know! Head over to our Twitter and tell us what your top 5 is! – @AboutThe_Noise