Our Top 5 Underrated The Vamps Songs – Part 2

Nearly a year ago, we posted an article where we shared our top 5 favourite songs by The Vamps. It was mentioned in that post that we would eventually post a part 2 as there are so many songs by this band that deserves more credit than they do. Well, the time has come!

Yes, okay. We know what you’re thinking. How can it be a Top 5 if you’re doing a part 2? Doesn’t that mean that it’s a Top 10? Correct. But we make the rules around here and we’re allowing it. Maybe bring this up with The Vamps for making such good songs? Anyway, without further ado, let’s get into the songs that we feel deserve more attention!

5) Part Of Me (Album: Cherry Blossom – Track 8)

Now, one thing that has changed since the last post is that late last year, The Vamps released their most recent album “Cherry Blossom.” This record happened to be the bands second number 1 album, and is highly praised by their fans. But, every album has one song (if not a handful of them) that doesn’t get talked about nearly enough as the rest of them do. Fans may like the track dearly, but maybe not as much as some of the others. With “Cherry Blossom,” we believe this track to be “Part Of Me.” It’s so catchy and so different to what your hear in todays charts. There is a charm to it that seems to get overlooked and, quite frankly, that’s not okay. The song describes the feeling one gets after ending somethng with someone, and then not being able to see yourself with someone else. that person took a part of them they can’t get back. Whilst it may focus on a rather heart-breaking topic, it’s ridiculously catchy and needs to be on repeat.

4) Shivers (Album: Night & Day – Day Edition: Connors Version)

If you’re a fan of The Vamps, you most likely know what this song is. If you’re only a casual listener, then this one may have slipped under your radar. As part of their album campaign when releasing the “Night & Day – Day Edition,” Brad, Connor, Tristan, and James all dropped their own versions where fans were treated to two extra tracks when they bought the different versions. If you had Connors version, then you would have heard his track titled “Shivers.” And what a banger it is! It’s fun, catchy, and basically has everything you need in a song. Perfcet summer anthem that never gets old. Of course, all the songs on all their versions deserve a place on this list, as they tend to get forgotten about unless you are a hardcore fan, but this one just so happens to be our favourite.

3) Halfway There (Album: Wake Up – Track 13)

We’ve said it once, we’ll say it again, “Wake Up” is by far the most underrated album The Vamps have ever released. If not the most underrated album in existence. It has been excruciating not to put the whole track list onto this list. But alas, we’re already pushing it by doing a part 2 to this post. Once again, Halfway There seems to get lost when you think of songs released by The Vamps. But have you ever gone on a road trip where you just listen to the same song over and over again, and it doesn’t get old the whole journey to your destination? Well, Halfway There is the right song for that purpose. Perfect for the summer. Would have been perfect live, but for whatever reason, the band never have. We can only pray that maybe one day they will.

2) Stolen Moments (Album: Wake Up – Track 6)

Underrated songs can but underrated for many reasons. Sometimes it’s underrated the moment it’s released, but other times, they’re just loved songs that got lost in the past. Stolen Moments is one of these beauties. This track was not underrated when it was heard by fans for the first time when it was released back in 2015. In fact, the band even played it on one of their tours they loved it so much. But as a band or an artist release new music over the years, sadly their are some that gets left behind. Stolen Moments is a stunning ballad that showcases lead singer Brad Simpson’s voice beautifully. We are not willing to let this one get forgotten about, so it needed a place on this list.

1) High Hopes (Album: Meet The Vamps – Track 11)

The Vamps have done many collaborations over the years; Shaun Mendes, Sabrina Carpenter, Maggie Lindemann, even Demi Lovato. Whilst High Hopes doesn’t have a feature per se, the boys did write the song with our favourites McFly. (A collaboration that needs to happen in the future but now isn’t the time). High Hopes is an album track that was featured on the bands very first album that was dropped all the way back in 2014. It has the pop sound that everyone is guilty for loving. Once again, this seems to be a beloved song that has now been lost in the past. But, the oldies are always the goldies.

To be perfectly honest, this list is endless. The Vamps have done MANY songs since forming, and they all deserve more credit than they get. Sadly, a part 3 would be kind of ridiculous and would defeat the point of “Our Top 5” series, but maybe we have encouraged you to look back at these albums in a new light, and you can fall in love with them all over again.

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