Our Top 5 Underrated The Vamps Songs

The Vamps have just blessed us all with their new single “Married In Vegas”! Alongside this, they’ve also announced that they will be releasing their fifth studio album “Cherry Blossom” on the 16th of October.

With new Vamps music on the horizon, we thought it would be a good idea to take a trip down memory lane. 

The Vamps have released four studio albums over the years (or maybe it’s been three. We still haven’t worked out if the Day and Night editions class as two separate albums…but let’s say four for argument’s sake). Every album is filled with absolute bangers. But we feel that some deserve a bit more recognition than they got. Let’s begin!:

5) Burn (Album: Wake Up – Track 9)

The entire Wake Up album could be on this list. Seriously, that album was slept on like there was no tomorrow to wake up to…pun intended. One of these tracks is Burn. Fans first heard Burn on the Wake Up EP the band released just before their second album. It gave them a good indicator as to the direction the album was going in. People loved it! The problem with releasing album tracks before the album itself is that fans are always craving something new. Whilst they still loved this track, it was old news. This song still, to this day, remains as one of our favourites so deserves a place on this list.

4) Hair Too Long (Album: Night & Day, Day Edition – Track 2)

This is a debatable one. In a way, it’s a popular song. It always goes down well live and it’s certainly a fan favourite. But it only seems to be a favourite within the fandom. This song should have charted higher than it did. It’s underrated in the world of music.

And the video? It’s genius! It sure does get you thinking and asking questions. There’s probably some metaphor behind everything that’s going on…we haven’t quite worked that out yet. Plus, who doesn’t love a band in suits?

3) Rest Your Love (Album: Wake Up – Track 2)

Again, another Wake Up track. Again, another epic music video. A trend we’ve seen whilst making this list, it’s that the songs seem to start off popular…and then stops. Rest Your Love is a good example of this. It used to be the bands’ first song on their set before taking it off completely. It was a sad time.

The music video should have been talked about a lot more also. It saw a long list of celebrities within it including; Dynamo, Nina Nesbitt, Maisie Williams, and a very fresh-faced New Hope Club. And it looked so fun! We would have loved to have been a part of that day.

2) Girls On TV (Album: Meet The Vamps – Track 5)

Let’s take this alllllll the way back to their very first album “Meet The Vamps.” Girls On TV is one of the catchiest songs The Vamps have ever released. If we could recommend a song that perfectly describes The Vamps’ old signature sound, it would be this one. Old album tracks are easy to forget. Not because the songs are bad, or that no one likes them anymore, but the music industry works fast and it’s always on to the next thing. Girls On TV needs to make a comeback for old times sake.

1) Stay (Album: Night & Day, Night Edition – Track 8)

Stay is truly a beautiful song. Brad sings it with such passion and emotion, you can’t help but tear up to it. Whilst it’s not the band’s most upbeat song, it sure does get you right in the feels. A memory that will stick in a lot of fans’ minds is when Brad sang it in the middle of his audience surrounded by dedicated fans. We certainly feel it deserves more recognition which is why it’s taken the top place on this list.

Now, this list is endless. There are many, many, MANY, underrated Vamps songs. But, this is “Our Top 5’s” so sadly, they can’t all be on there. Perhaps a part 2 needs to happen in the future?

Let us know what your favourite underrated Vamps songs are over on our Twitter, and they might make it on to the next list! – @aboutthe_noise