REVIEW – Maggie Lindemann Drops ‘Paranoia’ EP

Today (22nd of January), songstress Maggie Lindemann finally released her highly anticipated EP ‘Paranoia’! The EP is now available to stream on all major streaming platforms.

“Paranoia” has been a long wait coming, but each and every song was worth the wait. In order to do it justice, we’re going to talk you through it track by track. You’re going to having this rock queen on repeat once you have a listen. Let’s go!

1) Knife Under My Pillow

The EP starts off strong with the first single she released last year “Knife Under My Pillow.” This was the first track that introduced us to Maggie’s new sound. Whilst her previous songs were more targeted towards the pop lovers, “Knife Under My Pillow” showcases more of an alternative side. The bass of the track will pound in your chest, the lyrics will get stuck in your head, and you’ll want to attend a rock concert the second you hit play. For now, you’ll have to just rock it out in your room. Little did we know when this single was released, we would have another seven songs to blast in the months to come.

2) GASLIGHT! ft Siiickbrain

Whilst “GASLIGHT!” still fits within the alternative rock genre, it stands out amongst the rest of the tracks by being quite different. This may be because the song features Siiickbrain who was able to put her stamp on it. Different is good though. “GASLIGHT!” is perfect to blast in your headphones, and maybe annoy people on the bus to – or wow them with your excellent music taste. It’s a song that only has one volume and that’s loud – so crank those speakers up!

3) Scissorhands

“Sciossorhands” hits you immediately with that electric guitar and banging drums. It’s a track that will keep you gripped with it’s slightly horror-esque vibes and creepy, yet addictive lyrics. “Scissorhands” isn’t a hard song to learn the lyrics to. It flows so flawlessly, you’ll think you’ll know all the words after the first listen. Maggie’s raw vocals fit perfectly with the sound of the track and would make the best soundtrack for a horror film!

4) Crash and Burn

The songs that we have mentioned have all been released as singles ahead of the EP release. “Crash and Burn” however, is a track that fans of Maggie’s will be hearing for the first time. It has a sense of nostalgia to it. Think Avril Lavigne back in the early 2000s. The sound worked then, and Maggie Lindemann is giving Avril a run for her money now. The song is all about a relationship that is falling apart. Instead of your partner wanting to solve the problems, they’re just going to let it crash and burn – which then escalates the issues even further. The lyrics are bound to be releatable to anyone who hears it.

5) Loner

“Loner” was the last single that Maggie released last year just before Christmas. This song is likely to stab you right in the heart, but in a way that you don’t mind. It’s a song for the introverts. “Loner” comforts you by letting you know that it’s okay to be on your own. With the COVID crisis, many people from all over the world are experiencing loneliness more than ever. Let this track work like a comfort blanket. Being a loner doesn’t always mean you’re lonely. And if you’re happy to be in your own company then that’s oaky too. One of the most meaningful songs on “Paranoia” so far, and it will be one that sticks with you for a long time.

6) Love Songs

We’re taking it down a notch now with “Love Songs.” We’ve heard what Maggie can do in terms of the alternative/rock sound, now she showcases just how lovely her voice is. With the previous tracks, it’s impossible to play them quietly. You have to rock out to them or you’re not truly appreciating them. Yet sometimes the most simple and gentle songs can be just as equally appreciated. With just an acoustic guitar melody and Maggie’s vocals, you’ll be lost in a trance. Maybe even make you think about that special person in your life. A truly beautiful song.

7) Different

“Different” is one of those masterpieces that builds as the song goes on. It starts off quite slow before then building into something that only a true artist can create. It then ends just how it started. Sometimes, when storytelling in a song, how the song sounds can add a lot to the storyline. Here, you can see a definite beginning, middle, and an end – just like you would see in a storybook. Not all songs can pull it off, but “Different” does this absolutely flawlessly.

8) It’s Not Your Fault

“Paranoia” now draws to a close with “It’s Not Your Fault” and Maggie certainly made sure she went out with a bang! The EP is the perfect combination of sounds that work together so brilliantly. You were instantly hooked with the upbeat, fast-paced bangers – before then swaying and appreciating the more slower, and meaningful tracks, and now we’ve reached the grand finale. “It’s Not Your Fault” would make the perfect live song. We can picture the crowd jumping up and down whilst the songstress struts her stuff. The energy that the song radiates will travel through your body, forcing you to move to the beat.

Overall, Maggie Lindemann has truly outdone herself. Whilst it was a long time coming, “Paranoia” is bound to exceed your expectations. Make sure you go give this insane EP a listen – you won’t regret it! And be sure to follow Maggie on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to show further support.

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