Maggie Lindemann Releases New Track ‘GASLIGHT!’ (feat. Siiickbrain)

Maggie Lindemann has been on a roll these past few weeks! After making a return with her rock anthem “Knife Under My Pillow,” Maggie has once again treated us to her brand-new track “Gaslight” – which is now available to stream on Spotify!

“Gaslight” is quite the contrast from “Knife Under My Pillow.” It still has that rock vibe, but with the help from the insane artist Siiickbrain, they were both able to shine and create an incredible head-banging track that sounds completely unique and separate from the last single! The direction that Maggie Lindemann is taking with her music is truly fascinating. She’s gone from pop princess to punk queen and we are living for it.

When speaking of the single, the songstress says;

GASLIGHT! is a song about taking back the power after someone has tried to gaslight and manipulate you.  It’s a big F+++ off to that person….HA!  This song was written so quickly and was really a freestyle between myself and Caroline (siiickbrain).  This song was super cathartic to write and sing,”

Maggie Lindemann also made the exciting announcement that she will be dropping her upcoming EP “Paranoia” on the 22nd of January, 2021! The perfect way to start what will hopefully be a better year.

2019 saw the inspiration for this new era. Whilst in Malaysia, Maggie found herself under house arrest and standing trial twice due to visa issues. This experience was life changing after she returned to the US and she turned her feelings towards new music. Whilst working on the EP, she also launched her own clothing line SWIXXZ, and introduced her own podcast “swixxzaudio.” The podcast was proven to be truly valuable to help her loneliness during quarantine.

We’re very excited to see what else Maggie has in store for us. For more updates, be sure to follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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