REVIEW – Maggie Lindemann Performs Live At The Roxy

Maggie Lindemann has recently performed the entirety of her smashing debut EP “PARANOIA” live at The Roxy in LA. Of course, this was strictly a virtual gig, but that doesn’t mean that the songstress couldn’t put on one hell of a show.

Maggie begins by strutting up to the venue in one of the most edgy outfits you can imagine. Perfect for the music that she’s about to perform. Upon entering the venue, we are greeted by a band, flashing lights, and lit candles on the floor where the audience should be. Before the singer has even started singing, we’re amazed at how aesthetic the stage looks.

The set starts off strong with the absolute banger “Knife Under My Pillow” – the first track that features on the EP. Maggie shows off her guitar skills with an amazing pink guitar. The show then transitions to “Gaslight” where the amazing SIIICKBRIAN joins the stage. The contrast in vocals are wonderfully mind-blowing. Together, they created a rather intense performance but in the best way possible. You couldn’t keep your eyes off the screen. Both artists have such an infectious energy on stage that just bounce right off eachother.

“Scissorhands” was up next and the band truly stood out. There was an amazing guitar solo from the guitarist that just made you want to get your air guitar out. The best thing about attending a virtual gig, is that no one can see you rocking out by yourself. Although, the performance on this song does make you wish you were there to witness it in person. It makes the most energetic live song and would be perfect for an in person performance. The energy doesn’t slow down just yet as “Crash and Burn” follows. We’ve said this before, the music that Maggie Lindemann has been releasing lately, truly reminds us of punk Avril Lavigne. “Crash and Burn” gives off nostalgic vibes – like it belongs in the early 2000s and has aged well. The vocals on this performance were simply pitch perfect.

Maggie switched things up a bit by quickly making and outfit change before swiftly returning to stage to perform “Loner.” Here we witnessed a passionate performance from both Maggie and her band. You can hear every emotion in the song and it hits you right in the chest. A powerful performance to match the powerful lyrics. Things are taken down a bit with a much more chilled out performance of “Love Songs.” Before singing, Maggie dedicated the song to her boyfriend (aw!). “Love Songs” was simply just the singer singing beautifully over a stunning guitar melody. It was enchanting. After this song, Maggie expressed how excited she was to be performing, but how she misses doing it in front of her fans. It was here that she teased a potential album coming out in the future!

“Different” is then performed which starts of quite gentle, before transitioning into another absolute belter! “It’s Not Your Fault” is the last song that she performed from “PARANOIA.” Her insane vocals, the incredible performance from the band, paired with the intense lighting, creates the perfect concert atmosphere. Again, it just makes you wish that you were there. A true anthem for her fans to sing along to.

Now you may think that it’s over now that she has performed every song that features on the EP. But no. She wrapped the show up with a fantastic (and rather nostalgic) cover of “La La Land” by Demi Lovato. Taking it back to those Disney Channel days we all grew up with. No doubt many viewers were taken back to their childhood whilst she perfectly covers this classic track. A performance Demi Lovato would have been proud of. And those big notes were just out of this world!

Whilst the world is not out of the woods yet when it comes to the COVID-19 crisis, virtual gigs like this one will just fill a void a little bit before we can experience the real thing. And what a moment that will be!

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