Maggie Lindemann Unveils New Song ‘She Knows It’

Maggie Lindemann has dropped her new banger ‘She Knows It’. The track is now available to listen to on all major streaming platforms!

The queen of punk rock and pop a has released brand new single which is the first song since her EP ‘Paranoia‘ that was released back in January. Maggie is known for being her true authentic self with no filter, and has taken the pop punk scene by storm. With incredible vocals and a banging backing track, you’ll be adding this to your playlist in a heartbeat. The lyrics describe the feeling of wanting a girl who has a boyfriend, which is an interesting take from a female and isn’t something you hear in a song very often and is written in a brilliant way.

The music video was directed by Vixxion, and features pop sensation Jasiah as the male lead. It also has an appearance from former collaborator and friend Siiickbrain, and alternative artist TOOPOOR. Interestingly, the video has a special viewing recently at Travis Barker’s House of Horrors online event.

When discussing the track, Maggie said:

“I wrote this song about how I liked a girl who had a boyfriend. She would confide in me about how shitty he was and say and do things that would kind of lead me on but then tell me she didn’t ‘mean it like that’…so I was like fuck it, I’m gonna write about it. I wrote up the concept kind of right when we made the song. I instantly had a vision for it and wanted to give it a high school 2000’s feel but also keep it current and industrial and surreal spin from a normal classroom setting. I wanted to tap into my high school fantasy — haha.”

“She Knows It” is released as Maggie is seven dates into the nation-wide Life Support Tour with Madison Beer. The future is incredibly bright for the songstress, with fans and listeners looking forward to releases and new material.

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