Our Top 5 Favourite Taylor Swift Folklore Songs

Photo Credit - Beth Garrabrant

We were just as surprised as everyone else when Taylor Swift released Folklore.

While everyone else was making banana bread and watching Tiger King, our girl was writing fourteen brand new tracks – Here’s our top 5!

5) Mad Woman

What an incredible message for our 5th pick. There really is nothing like a madwoman. This song is all about addressing the person who made you that way. Have you ever had someone important to you call you crazy? We think that would make anyone feel worse! It’s all about understanding how to approach situations.

4) This Is Me Trying

We’ve grown to know that each album by Taylor will have that one track that cuts like a knife. Similar to ‘Delicate’ and ‘The Archer’, this is the one from Folklore. This song dedicates itself to the idea that although someone may not think it’s the case, this is me stripped back and trying to make an attempt to be better.

3) My Tears Ricochet

There are so many ways to interpret this one! We see this as a love letter to a significant other from beyond the grave. It could also be seen as the start of the grieving process of a recently ended relationship. Either way, this is the most haunting thing we’ve listened to in a while. Particularly ‘and if I’m dead to you, why are you at the wake?’ gave us the heebie-jeebies, in a good way!

2) The Last Great American Dynasty

One thing we admire most about Taylor is her story writing. Nobody can tell a tale in a song quite like her. This one seems to be about no other than Rebekah Harkness, who previously owned Tay’s Rhode Island mansion. Rebekah was married to William (Bill) Hale Harkness. Bill’s family was heir to the Standard Oil fortune, and he died of a heart attack in 1954. The song portrays Rebekah having ‘a marvelous time ruining everything’ which apparently matches what happened to a T.

1) Betty

As you clicked on this article, you already knew this was going to take first place. This really felt like a Fearless throwback, and we’re here for it. There are plenty of conspiracy theories about this one, far too many to mention! What do you think it’s about?!

And there you have it. Somehow, we’ve managed to give you a Top 5 Folklore post. We’ll probably change our minds tomorrow.

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