Our Top 5 Tracks From the New Taylor Swift Album ‘evermore’

Taylor Swift may have single handedly saved 2020 by dropping not one, but TWO amazing albums. “folklore” and “evermore” were both released suddenly – surprising all music lovers across the world.

The ninth studio album was to celebrate the songstress’ 31st birthday. She tweeted out on the 10th of December 2020 announcing that the sister album to “folklore” will be available to stream that night. It’s fair to say that everyone online went WILD at this news.

The album sees fifteen beautiful tracks. It’s difficult to narrow it down to just our favourites, but we’ve already done our top 5 favourite tracks from “folklore,” so it only seems fitting that we give you our top 5 tracks from “evermore.” Here we go!

5) willow

Alongside the release of “evermore” Taylor Swift thought it would be a good idea to treat her fans even more by releasing a music video to the first track that features on the album “willow.” The video is absolutely stunning. It gives of a dreamlike, fairytale vibe that perfectly represents the sound of the track. Taylor’s gentle vocals will put you in a trance from beginning to end. The perfect start to the album and the video is simply flawless.

4) no body, no crime (ft HAIM)

“evermore” sees three features – Bon Iver, HAIM, and The National – all of which have a different sound and fits the album superbly. However, “no body, no crime” featuring HAIM just happens to be our favourite, giving it a place on this list. We’d say that it’s the only track that has more of a darker feel compared to the rest of the tracks on the album. Whilst “willow” is dreamlike, “no body, no crime” is a total contrast. Even the title alone sounds more eerie. Taylor’s and HAIM’s voices blend together so well, you almost forget that there’s a feature on it at all. We couldn’t think of a collaboration more suited than this one.

3) dorothea

It’s no secret that Taylor Swift is a genius when it comes to storytelling. This is (of course) is a theme that you will hear throughout the entire album. “dorothea” is no exception to this rule. It draws you in instantly with the stunning blend of guitar and piano. Then Taylor’s angel-like voice will captivate you even more. She demonstrates that you don’t need gimmicks in your music when you have pure talent. This track is simply beautiful instrumentation, wonderful flowing lyrics, and Taylor’s unique voice. That’s all it needs.

2) champaign problems

“champaign problems” not only features on this list because it is one of our favourites, but also because it happens to be our readers’ favourite. When conducting a poll over on our Instagram asking our followers what their favourite track is, “champaign problems” triumphed. Just like “dorothea,” this song is so simplistic it’s addicting. Only Taylor can keep her audience entranced with just a basic piano melody and her voice. No wonder it’s a fan favourite.

1) long story short

“long story short” takes the number one spot on this list purely because it’s the most upbeat, and catchiest. It’s definitely a Taylor Swift song. Her signature sound shines through. It’s not hard to imagine this track having a place on one of her previous albums such as “Speak Now” or “RED.” The lyrics are really what makes this song what it is. When your singing along, it just naturally flows from your tongue. Music that we hear nowadays can sometimes sound rather repetitive, but that’s not the case for “long story short.” It tells a wonderful tale in the most beautiful way.

Like we said previously, finding just five favourites out of fifteen has been a massive challenge. “evermore” has ten other tracks that we’re dying to rave about, yet there is just not enough time in the day to do it justice. Taylor Swift has proven that she is one of the most highly influential musician in the music industry – and rightfully so. We’re sure you don’t need telling twice, but in case you happen to live under a rock, “evermore” is now available to stream on Spotify!

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