McFly Team Up With Mark Hoppus For ‘Growing Up’

2020 has already seen one brand-new McFly song. Following their single “Happiness,” the band have now dropped another track from their upcoming album “Young Dumb Thrills.” “Growing Up” features Blink-182 star Mark Hoppus and is now available to stream on Spotify!

Whilst “Happiness” showed a slightly goofy side to McFly, “Growing Up” is a song about not caring. There’s no other way to listen to this track without it being on an extremely high volume – you might want to give your neighbours a bit of warning before playing it! It has everything you want in a McFly song. Catchy beats, insane guitar solos you can jump to, and lyrics you want to learn instantly.

Mark Hoppus adds his iconic vocals to the track throughout. Both Blink-182 and McFly are notorious for having their own iconic sound. When you blend the two together, you won’t be able to think of a better combination. We can imagine many fans of both bands reminiscing on their teenage years whilst listening to “Growing Up.” Bassist Dougie Poynter also shows off his singing skills. His and Marks voices fit together so perfectly, you’d think the pair have been in a band together for years.

“Growing Up” is a true McFly song – there’s no denying that. The contrast between the two singles released so far is getting fans wondering what the general sound of the new album is going to be like. Whatever that may be, “Young Dumb Thrills” is going to be an album that will put anyone that listens to it in an instant good mood. It’s difficult to be sad when songs like “Happiness” and “Growing Up” exists.

“Young Dumb Thrill” is available to pre-order here. Make sure you’re following McFly on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more details!

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