Love McFly? Here Are Our Top 5 McFly Music Videos


McFly have been in our lives for an astonishing seventeen years. That’s seventeen years’ worth of songs. Seventeen years worth of tours. And seventeen years worth of music videos. Now, some of their music videos have been pretty out there, to say the least! The work and creativity that goes into them shine through.

They’ve not long announced that they have just signed a record deal with BMG and will be releasing an album later in 2020. They have recently released their first single in eight years, “Happiness”, which you can now stream on Spotify! A full single review will be up soon!

For now, to celebrate this, we’re here to give you our top five favourite music videos that McFly have released through the years. Here we go!:

5) Shine A Light ft Taio Cruz

“Shine A Light” was a single that was taken off the “Above The Noise” album back in 2012. Taio Cruz was also the band’s first-ever feature on a single! What was so great about this music video – and a theme that we see often in McFly’s music videos – is that they got their fans involved! On the day of filming, they took to Twitter and posted out clues for their fans that would send them on a scavenger hunt around London. If they were successful, they got to be in the video. Those people watching them perform outside the cage? All fans!

4) All About You

“All About You” is not only a fan favourite, but a peoples’ favourite! You don’t have to be a fan to love this song. We dare you to find one person that doesn’t know all the words to “All About You” – it’s impossible. This single and music video were released for comic relief and saw a long list of celebrities getting involved. These include; Graham Norton, Harry Hill, Johnny Vegas among others.

Honorary Mention

We wanted to take this time to give an honorary mention. A few weeks ago, McFly released a new music video for “All About You” during their time in lockdown. The money that they make off this music video, and the streams they make on the song over the next year, will all be going to the NHS Charities. The video features the bands adorable families and…uh…Dougie’s chickens. We’d be lost without the NHS so make sure you go show some support!

3) Love Is Easy

So, “Love Is Easy” is probably one of the cutest music videos you will ever see. Here, they share all their accomplishments as a band including; winning a Brit, re-enacting all their album covers, and also some solo achievements such as Dougie winning “I’m A Celeb” and Harry’s “Strictly Come Dancing” win. Again, like “Shine A Light,” they got their fans involved! At the end, we see a group of fans holding up banners, showing their love for their favourite band. The camera then pans to McFly who are closing the curtains on a mini stage which says, “for the fans.” Dedicating this entire music video is a wonderful gesture to show their appreciation. It also shows the beautiful relationship the band have with their fans.

2) Transylvania

Yeah…this is a weird one. But it had to be mentioned! “Transylvania” was released in 2007 and it shows McFly…dressed as ladies. We love it. It’s set in the olden times and tells the story of Anne Boleyn. There’s not much else to say about this one, we think the video speaks for itself.

1) Room On The 3rd Floor

Oldie but goldie. Hands down, one of the most creative music videos we have witnessed. It shows McFly as airfix models. We’re not even sure how this video was filmed, but it was technical genius! Once again, it illustrates just how imaginative they are.

And there we have it! Those are our top five favourite McFly music videos. The band will be releasing new music soon so hopefully we’ll be seeing some more of their creativity! Make sure you’re following their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more band updates!

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