REVIEW – McFly Kick Off the “Power to Play” Tour in Bristol!

Photo Credit - Haris Nukem

Earlier in the year, McFly released a jaw-dropping new album titled “Power to Play.” This week, they headed out back on the road to tour the album that charted at Number 2 on the UK’s Official Album Chart!

The tour began at Bristol O2 Academy where fans got to hear the rocking setlist for the first time. McFly know how to put on an insane live performance, and go out of their way to surprise their fanbase with a killer setlist that they know the crowd would love. The venue was filled to the brim with eager music lovers, patiently waiting for the band to arrive. Once the time had finally come, McFly kick of their performance with the first single that was released off the album “Where Did All The Guitars Go.” This was the perfect track to begin with as it’s upbeat, catchy, and sets the tone for the rest of the evening.

There were some niche choices that the band chose to be put on the setlist – and it was a risk worth taking. They performed fan favourite album tracks that included “Corrupted” from Radio:Active, “Too Close For Comfort” from Wonderland, and “Red” from The Lost Songs. Another surprise track that was an interesting choice was another Radio:Active album track “Everybody Knows.” During this song, the band bought out a cow bell and invited a fan on stage to come and rock out with them. It was a touching sentiment between band and their fans.

As it was the “Power to Play” tour, McFly performed a large selection of songs from the album including “Honey I’m Home,” “God of Rock and Roll,” and “I’m Fine.” A couple of new tracks that particularly stood out was the criminally underrated song “Route 55,” and what seems to be a fan favourite album track “Forever’s Not Enough.”

Of course, McFly also brought to the stage all their old classics that include “Obviously,” “Five Colours in her Hair,” and “Star Girl.” “All About You” was also played in a special part of the set where Tom and Danny performed a beautiful acoustic set. The well loved track was slowed right down and perfectly showcased Tom’s and Danny’s flawless vocals and harmonies. Also in this acoustic set, they performed a stunning version of another album track “Not Alone.”

Overall, the “Power to Play” tour is simply perfection and we urge anyone to go check it out. It was a night that will be remembered forever. And to those fans that are already attending tour, you are in for a treat! Tickets can be found here. And you can follow McFly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

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