REVIEW – McFly Release Fantastic New Album ‘Power To Play’

Photo Credit - Haris Nukem

It’s been a long time coming, but McFly have FINALLY released their seventh studio album they have cleverly titled “Power To Play.”

The band have gone down the rock route where songs are filled with infectious guitar solos, memorable lyricism, and melodies that you can rock out to. Every song on the album deserves equal attention as it is impossible to pick a favourite. So, let us take this track by track.

Where Did All The Guitars Go

“Power To Play” starts off strong with the incredible track “Where Did All The Guitars Go?” McFly released this song as a single a couple of months ago, and it was the first glimpse they allowed fans to see in terms of what direction the album is going in. It’s the perfect track to start with as it sets the scene for what is to come next. Despite what the title suggests, the song is filled with awesome guitar playing, and this is a theme that we see throughout the rest of the tracks.

Land Of The Bees

“Land Of The Bees” is next up on the track-listing, and we continue with that infectious, summer sound. This song was also where the band got the album name from as the lyrics express “Smiles in the sunshine, can’t take that away, cos we got the power to play.” The track explains how the band were gone for a long time, but now they are back and ready to do what they were born to do. “Land Of The Bees” is a title that will likely draw just about anybody in, but it’s the catchiness of the song that will keep them their.

Forever’s Not Enough

So, where did all the guitars go? We can now answer that they all went into this next track. The moment “Forever’s Not Enough” begins, you are hit with some of the best guitar playing that you will ever here. It is what really made this track stand out the most. Guitarist and vocalist Danny Jones showcased his flawless, raspy voice that was perfect for the rock vibe of the track.

God Of Rock and Roll

“God Of Rock and Roll” was the second single that McFly released ahead of the album. The music video that was released alongside the single was wonderfully chaotic that suited the track down to a T. Tom and Danny have two very different singing voices, but when they come together, they blend so beautifully, and it’s this aspect that has always made McFly stand out amongst the rest. This song is the perfect example of this.

I’m Fine

In “I’m Fine” the band slow things down a bit…briefly…actually…not really. This is the first time on the album that we hear bassist Dougie Poynter sing. It starts off slow, but then builds into this incredible power anthem that you can’t help be blare out of the speakers at the highest it will go. Dougie’s vocals were great for this track, and there was even a little hint of humour within the lyrics that will make you chuckle.

Taking Back Tonight

All the tracks on “Power To Play” will translate incredibly live. McFly are one of the best live bands that you will ever see, and it sounds like the entirety of this album was written with that in mind. “Taking Back Tonight” is one of those songs that you can just picture in a venue somewhere, where the fans are jumping in a cramped, sweaty room whilst the band rock their socks off. Trust us when we say that you will know every word to this song after the first listen. So, when it comes to belting this one out on tour, you will have no problem remembering the lyrics.

Honey I’m Home

We’re just half way through the new collection and it’s time to chill out. This incredibly easy listen will get you through those slow Sundays’, in the comfort of Danny’s vocals. With a gradual build up of energy this feel-good track can also be heard as a metaphor of feeling yourself again after not being in such a good place.

Route 55

The story behind ‘Route 55’ started when Dougie wanted to write a track about how much he loved summer. After forming the bones of the track, he forwarded it over to his good friend Mark Hoppus (Blink 182) who has been working with the boys for a while now. At this time, Mark had been diagnosed with cancer which he has now recovered from. We can picture this one blaring at festivals around the globe and a layer of emotion is added knowing that at the time of writing it, Dougie worried this would be the last song he wrote with his pal.


With it’s different pitches and tones ‘Crash’ will give you a knot in your stomach in the most awesome way. There’s a lot going on with this one which means abuse of the repeat button, as there is something new to focus on with every listen! From whispers to shouting, McFly have gone on an audio journey with this one.

Make It Out Alive

This track stands out for its’ intro and combination of solo vocals and group harmonies. ‘Make It Out Alive’ comes together perfectly by the bands’ drummer Harry Judd, who’s forever glorious timing ties into the song in the most beautiful way. It’s clear that the McFly boys had fun with recording this album and it really comes through in each track, but especially this one.

Shine On

‘Power To Play’ closes with this upbeat number and feels full circle for the collection. An uplifting track with upbeat energy, the album finalises with everything we love about McFly. The perfect clash of instruments, wholesome lyrics, gorgeous harmonies and positive affirmations.

McFly will be celebrating their 20th anniversary very soon, and ‘Power To Play’ serves as a celebration of what’s still to come. The soundtrack to your summer has been neatly packed into this 11 track rollercoaster of emotion, and fans look forward to hearing the new songs live!

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