REVIEW – Maisie Peters Drops Long Awaited Album “The Good Witch”

Maisie Peters

Maisie Peters has just dropped her magnificent new album “The Good Witch” and it is now available to stream via all major streaming platforms!

“The Good Witch” is Maisie’s second studio album following the success of her debut “You Signed Up For This” back in 2021. It has been said that “The Good Witch” is a more mature version of the first album as Maisie has grown over those two years, meaning that her music has evolved in the same way. The new album is filled to the brim with enchanting tracks that will absorb you with excellent storytelling and catchy melodies.

The Good Witch

The first track on the list is the song behind the album title. Surprisingly, the songstress begins the album with quite a slow start with this stunning ballad. This song is the perfect example of how Maisie Peters incorporates her musicianship with her lyricism. How she is able to blend the melodies and the lyrics together perfectly to paint a picture. In the first verse she sings “sill bitter, still don’t play the black keys” whilst in the background, black keys of a piano play alongside the line. It showcases the beautiful way she writes her songs and this track sets up what’s to come next.

Coming Of Age

We speed things up a bit now with “Coming Of Age.” It’s quite the contrast to the previous track meaning that Maisie is about to take her listener on quite a rollercoaster ride. The song immediately slaps you around the face with its heart pelting bass. The song will be perfect in a club with your girlfriends, or if you are just getting over your ex and remembering that you are a badass that can get over any man. Whatever your reason is for listening to this song, the result will always be the same – you can not help but feel instantly empowered.


“Watch” is up next. A song that is a perfect combination of the previous two tracks. It has the softness of “The Good Witch” in the verses, but then you are hit with the chorus that gives off the same vibe as “Coming Of Age.” This track is one that we can all relate to. It’s about somebody in your past that you no longer speak to and witnessing how they are actually doing better without you. All you can do is watch them live their life and get hurt on how well they’re are doing. Something that we all have to go through in life, and Maisie describes the situation amazingly.

Body Better

“Body Better” was the first single to be released from this album. It is all about your ex moving on to someone new and wondering if she has a better body than you. Comparing yourself to others is extremely damaging to one’s self-esteem, and it is something that we all do. The songstress was able to capture this sensitive feeling into and upbeat, catchy song that you can’t help but be addicted to.

Want You Back

Here, we are slowing things right down. “Want You Back” is quite the tear-jerker so be sure to have your tissues at hand before listening to this one. This song is all about knowing that an old flame is bad for you, but no matter how many times close ones tell you that, and no matter how much, deep down, YOU know that, you can’t help but want that person back in your life. It’s a simple track with an impactful message. This ballad will make you want to call “them” so be sure to have some self-control ladies!

The Band and I

This next song showcases Maisie Peters excellent storytelling skills. It tells the tale of being on the road touring with her band. The way she describes her adventures with her band is so vivid, you feel like you have shared these memories with her. The singer is letting you see a snippet of her life, and you can not help but feel connected to that in some way.

You’re Just A Boy (And I’m Kind Of A Man)

If the title doesn’t make you want to listen to this song, then we don’t know what will. “You’re Just A Boy (And I’m Kind Of A Man)” is another song that will make you feel powerful. You will want to get those high heels out and strut around those city streets with not a care in the world. Fans first heard this track whilst she was on tour where she sang it live for the first time. The reaction was very well received and we can already tell this track will be a fan favourite.

Lost The Breakup

“Lost The Breakup” is another single Maisie Peters released ahead of the album. The lyrics describes that feeling of heartbreak, but then moving on your with your life after a breakup. Yes, it was difficult to move forward, but now, you are looking back in hindsight and realising that it was them that actually lost the breakup. Maisie did a fantastic performance of this song on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” – you can watch this live performance below;


Believe or not, we are only halfway through this album. Yes…Maisie is certainly treating us to a jam packed record here. “Wendy” is up next and it definitely gives off those fairytale vibes. Of course, the title was inspired by Peter Pan and Wendy. It truly is filled with magic and will make you feel those butterflies in your chest. It might not be the fairytale you expected, but it is one that will make you feel all those feelings.


“Run” really captures the anger you feel when a guy has treated you badly. The art of storytelling within a song isn’t just down to the lyrics, but also how the music is executed that will make the listener “feel” something. Whether that’s happiness, sadness, or in this case, anger. When listening to this track, you will want to fling your belongings all around the room – even if there is nothing to be angry about. It is a difficult task, but Maisie seems to do this flawlessly.

Two Weeks Ago

“Two Weeks Ago” was the last single to be released ahead of the album. It’s a ballad that deserves to be appreciated. It starts of beautifully simple with just Maisies vocals and piano melody, before building slightly into enchanting melodies that will absorb you entirely. You can find more about our views on the reck here.


“BSC” is yet another empowering track – a theme that seems to be sprinkled throughout the album, and we love that. What does “BSC” stand for you might ask? It stands for “bat-shit crazy”, and if that doesn’t make you want to listen to this song right now then who knows what will. “BSC” has a bit of a nostalgic feel to it. This track could easily have been released in the eighties, but with a more modern twist.


Okay. So, we’ve all been in a situationship that has wanted us to go through a therapy session or two. “Therapy” is a song that describes this kind of situation. Where you confide in that one person all that you went through in the past that led you to therapy before, to only have them treat you the exact same way, despite telling you that they were there for you. It’s a position you never thought you would be in with that person, yet, here you are, having to face your feelings once again.

There It Goes

“There It Goes” is absolutely flawless. It has that enchanting feel that you will fall in love with. It flows so perfectly, you will simply get lost in the moment. All the way throughout this album, each song has just bounced off the last in the most stunning way possible. “There It Goes” is like a cocktail of everything we have just heard. It makes the listening experience somewhat magical – a feeling that is hard to put into words.

History Of Man

So, we are FINALLY at the end of what has been an extraordinary experience. We have heard masterpiece after masterpiece, for it to end in yet another masterpiece. We have come full circle with “History Of Man.” Maisie Peters started the album with “The Good Witch” which we described as a soft start. Well, after listening to a rollercoaster of an album that will make you feel all the emotions – good and bad – we finish on another soft, easy to listen to track that wraps up the album wonderfully.

After listening to “The Good Witch” from start to finish, it is fair to say that we are completely under Maisie’s spell. She treats her work like a delicate piece of art, and the way she tells her personal stories with such vulnerability, but still keeping a positive attitude is something to be admired. “The Good Witch” is an album that NEEDS to be listened to by all.

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