Encanto Hit ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’ is UK’s Number 1!

Encanto is the new, colourful Disney film that was released on Disney+ on Christmas Eve last year. Since then, people from all over the globe have fallen in love with the dysfunctional, yet lovable family.

The film is set in Colombia in an enchanting town named Encanto. It follows the wonderful Madrigal family who were all blessed with a unique gift – all except our man character Mirabel. As the magic begins to break, Mirabel is determined to find out what’s exactly happening with their miracle. Directed by Jared Bush and Byron Howard, and co-directed and written by Charise Castro Smith, Disney were successful in creating the most colourful and lovable film you’ll simply die for.

What stands out most about the film is the ridiculously catchy soundtrack. Hamilton legend Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote eight original songs to go alongside the film to help tell the story. “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” showcases family members talking about…well, Bruno – a character who mysteriously disappears. Despite never talking about him, they certainly have a lot to say. It’s a track that has captured the hearts of many. It has surpassed Frozen classic “Let It Go” in terms of popularity, and has become the first ever Disney original song to become Number 1 in the official UK Singles chart! Not only that, but “Surface Pressure” – a song sung by character Luisa – has reached Number 5, and “The Family Madrigal” sits at Number 15. With three tracks in the Top 15, and a Golden Globe under their belt, “Encanto” has turned into an unforgettable story that fans just can’t get out of their head.

No matter if you’re old or young, “Encanto” is simply a must watch. Get absorbed in the magic, and head over to Disney+ if you are one of their ones who are yet to watch it!

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