MUSIC REWIND: Scouting For Girls – ‘Scouting For Girls’ vs. ‘Easy Cover’

Scouting For Girls have impressed listeners since their first album release in 2007 with catchy melodies and humorous lyrics.

It’s safe to say they have had an impressive history in the music business. Today we discuss their first and last album releases! The band had their first album ‘Scouting For Girls’ released in 2007, and certainly entered the pop world with a bang. ‘It’s Not About You’ is about the constant battle of knowing if it’s right to leave a relationship. Lead singer, Roy Stride, exclaims how sometimes a relationship can be going brilliantly, yet on the other hand it can be dreadful.

‘Elvis Ain’t Dead’ was another popular single release for the band. The lyrics describe the realisation that a relationship is over, with the words ‘Elvis ain’t dead, and you’re coming back’, suggesting that the latter line is just as unlikely as the first.

‘I Wish I Was James Bond’ cleverly has a Bond sounding vibe from the start. The band go on to exclaim how crazy cool James Bond is, especially to younger viewers. What a lifestyle. Who wouldn’t want to be him, just for the day!

The most recent release for Scouting For Girls is named ‘Easy Cover’. The album is the band covering their favourite songs, and putting their own spin on each, as well as some original tracks. Here’s some fan favourites.

‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun’ was an excellent choice. Listeners are so used to hearing the original, it’s really refreshing to hear in a new innovative way, and with male vocals.

‘Easy Lover’ really shows off the impressive vocals capable from Roy Stride. This catchy track, originally by Phil Collins, demonstrate the powerful harmonies that the band have always worked well together.

‘I Wish It Was 1989’ will give you that nostalgic feeling of wishing you didn’t need to grow up. Before complicated relationships, bills and responsibilities.

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