GIG REVIEW – McFly Take the Stage At The Bath Festival Finale Weekend 2021!

Music lovers from across the country are FINALLY allowed out of their cages to attend gigs and festivals that have been taking place over the last few months. We, at About The Noise, are now among them.

On the 7th and 8th of August, Bath put together a wonderful little festival with a big lineup. We were able to attend on Saturday the 8th of August and boy was it worth the two year wait. The Bath Festival Weekend saw a variety of different artists, and all bought such a different vibe to the field across two stages. On Saturday, the audience saw performances from Josh Gray – who drew the audience in with his catchy tunes. Orla Gartland was certainly a crowd pleaser. Her songs translated perfectly live, and no doubt she went away with a few new fans supporting her. The festival also showed their support to some local acts which is always nice to see.

Whilst these acts were absolutely fantastic at keeping the crowd highly entertained in the wind and the rain, the big acts of the day is when the party upped a level. Gabrielle was a last minute addition to the line up after an artist dropped out, but the audience weren’t complaining too much as she sung her absolute classics including “Out Of Reach” and “Dreams.” Her beautiful, soulful vocals were so enticing. Everyone who attended was transfixed by her performance –

even the youngsters who may not have heard of these classics before that day. Scouting For Girls also took to the main stage later in the evening. A band that are known for getting a crowd going and warmed up in the freezing cold. They have some of the most catchiest songs in the pop genr, and they translate fabulously live. Hits such as “She’s So Lovely,” “Heartbeat,” and “Elvis Ain’t Dead,” went down a treat, and there was not one person not on their feet dancing away.

Headliners are always the ones that everyone is waiting for the most. They are headliners after all. It takes a lot to get up on stage after so many incredible artists but, the best is always saved for last. McFly finally took to the stage by dancing to the YMCA with their adoring fans dancing right back at them. “One For The Radio” was performed first which is always a crowd pleaser. It’s a fan anthem that will get the passion flowing. They sung some of their biggest hits including “Star Girl,” “Obviously,” “All About You,” and “Five Colours in Her Hair,” amongst others (too many to list…). Our only criticism is that they only sang one song from their most recent album “Young Dumb Thrills – which was released late last year. Although, they are touring this album in September of this year so they may be saving those for later! The one song they did sing from that album however was “Happiness” – which was absolutely fantastic live! It bought a smile to evreyones faces. Overall, their performance was loud, exciting, and every single person – old and young – were singing along and dancing the night away. McFly know how to keep a crowd energised. The energy in that field was so contagious, it was hard not to fall in love with live music all over again.

The party continued onto Sunday the 8th of August, but sadly we were unable to attend this day. Although, if the Saturday was anything to go by, then those who attended most certainly had a great time. Whilst it was fairly small, the event was well organised, kept immaculately clean, they followed the COVID guidelines perfectly, and the food selection was incredible – even for the fussy eaters. This festival is definitely worth looking into for the coming years!

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