Barley Passable Releases New EP ‘Hindsight’

Photo Credit: Kira Celine

Barley Passable have recently released their brand-new EP ‘Hindsight’. The EP is now available to stream on all major streaming platforms!

Based in Australia, Barley Passable are a duo made up of Kai Ollmann and Davy Brown. Combining genres such as 70s disco and modern French pop, the duo have really found their signature sound that fans go crazy for.

The EP has a strong introduction with ‘Turnaround’. The perfect blend of vocals and the chilled out vibe work hand in hand together. Following this is new single ‘Silver’ – which is the perfect track that sums up the unique sound of the album. The smooth synths and addictive disco basslines will have you transported into a world of your own.

When talking about ‘Silver’, Barley Passable explain:

“Keeping with the theme of our first EP ‘Hindsight’, “Silver” is written in the context of us looking back on feeling self love and confidence, both things we wish came around more often and stay longer in our lives. With us both fresh out of school and in the books studying at the time; writing, releasing and playing music helped us escape and feel unbreakable.”

Another track that is deemed a fan favourite is titled ‘Forget’. The 80’s New Wave sound is complimented tremendously with the spoken word of Barley Passable, will have the track stay in your mind for a while.

When discussing the new EP, Barley Passable said:

“Hindsight is all too human. Often painfully, hindsight pulls the past into the now and helps one to see that looking back on even the most negative of situations can push growth and momentum. This EP is our way of returning to various scenes over the last few years, from the first time we met, and speaking to these situations, as they still run on repeat in our minds. It is a constant reminder telling us to remember exactly who we are, to trust our heads and to be passionate and happy. Most importantly we hope it does the same for all who listen.”

‘Hindsight’ was written, produced, and recorded by the Aussie pair from the comfort of their own studio in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. They received held from their friends Callum Hulme (drums), James Christowski (production) and Zino Mikorey (mastering). Together, they have created what can only be described as a master piece.

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