Barley Passable Release New Single ‘Turnaround’

CREDIT - Oliver Hunter

Aussie disco-pop duo Barley Passable have recently released their bran-new single “Turnaround.” The track is now available to stream on all major streaming platforms!

Barley Passable are kicking off the new year by dropping their single “Turnaround” – a track that will feature on their upcoming EP “‘Hindsight’ due to be released in early 2021. You will be instantly hooked upon listening to this funky, pop beat. The toe-tapper sounds like it came right out off the 70s – but with addictive modern twists.

“Turnaround” is all about unrequited love that is played out on the dance floor. The passion and connection you feel towards a person whilst dancing, but then the moment the lights go up, the party is over and that spark no longer exists. When talking about the bop, members Kai Ollmann and Davy Brown explain;

““Turnaround” is the final plea of real love. Helpless, desperate and painful, ‘turn around’ is the last thing you can say to get someone to stay. Knowing that your love is reciprocated only makes it harder and whilst you scream it in your head, even worse is not being able to say it to their face. Fearing growing apart emotionally as well as physically, all you can do is repeat in your head the only phrases that matter; just how much this person has taken your heart, and how much you want them to stay.”

This is the fourth single to be released by Barley Passable. After sparking excitement with “All I Have” and “Whether or No” that were released in 2020, the duo are now gearing up to release their debut EP. “Hindsight” will include this absolute banger, their previous single “Step Inside”, as well as two more tracks waiting to be heard for the first time.

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