MUSIC REWIND: Taylor Swift – ‘Taylor Swift’ vs. ‘Evermore’

With one of the most impressive back catalogue of hits, a lot of our generation grew up with talented songstress Taylor Swift. Take a step back in time with us as we look over her first and last album release!

Her first album release was self-titled ‘Taylor Swift’. Complete with her tight curls and country vibe, this album certainly put her on the map of the pop scene.

‘Tim McGraw’ is the first track on the album, and remains a favourite amongst fans. The song is about reminiscing a past love, and hoping that hearing a certain song or artist will continue to remind them of you, and the good times you shared together.

‘Picture To Burn’ was the first look of a topic Taylor does so well – causing offence in such a poetic way. With metaphors such as ‘watch me strike a match on all my wasted time’, the song is a great in-site to her storytelling. The country twang is certainly apparent in this one!

‘Our Song’ in a way is similar to ‘Tim McGraw’, however it has a more positive sentiment. After discussing with a loved one that she didn’t have a song that reminds her of their relationship, they discuss the sentimental sounds that make their song. A song that both want on repeat!

Although Taylor’s last release was actually ‘Fearless (Taylor’s Version), we don’t want to confuse the timelines! So instead we will be working on the second half of Taylor’s lockdown albums, ‘evermore’.

‘champagne problems’ was an instant hit amongst listeners. With its’ precious melody and heart felt lyrics, this one is a tear jerker for sure.

Similarly, ‘happiness’ is also a subtle nod to heartbreak with a sense of relief. The lyrics describe how it’s ok to remind yourself of the good times with an old flame. Things didn’t work out how either of you hoped, but it can be refreshing to find yourself again.

‘long story short’ is a more upbeat number. Complete with the thoughtful metaphors we’ve learned to love from Taylor. The foot-tapping beat will have you humming the melody for days!

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