Gaby K Releases ‘Ain’t Worth the Fight’

Gaby K shows off her sassy side in her latest release “Ain’t Worth the Fight.” The track is now avaiable to stream on Spotify!

A couple of months ago, Gaby K released her single “Is This Love?” Now, she has returned with her absolutely banging new track “Ain’t Worth the Fight.” The best thing about this track is that you can listen to it anywhere, anytime. Chilling in your home? Going on a road trip? A trip to the gym? It’s a perfect fit for no matter what you are doing.

“Ain’t Worth the Fight” describes that all one wants in a relationship is their partners attention. They don’t ask for anything more other than the love that they should be giving them. But do they give them the attention they deserve? Well…if they don’t…maybe that is something not worth fighting for.

Gaby K has one of the most unique, soulful voices you will hear today. There’s something about the tone of her vocals, and they way it flows so beautifully with every note, that is highly addictive. You will be instantly captivated from the moment you press play. The guitar melodies and the jazz like instrumentation is enough to get anyone listening. A song that is suited to anyone who hears it.

We’re sure that this isn’t the last we hear of Gaby K and can’t wait to see what else she has in store. Be sure to follow her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more updates!

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