Gaby K Releases New Single ‘Is This Love?

Gaby K Photography - Ben Gregory

Sutton Coldfield singer Gaby K has dropped her stunning new single “Is This Love?” It is now available to stream on Spotify

“Is This Love?” is based on Gaby K’s own experience. As it comes from such a personal place, it’s easy to feel an instant connection with the track. Her breathtaking vocals paired with the soothing sound, it creates the perfect chilled out vibe. 

The song explains what it feels like to be infatuated with someone but not knowing if the feeling is mutual. We’ve all been there, and Gaby K describes the feeling perfectly. It’s so raw, it feels like you’re reading straight from her diary. It’s a song for the wounded but easy to take comfort in. 

She’s already built a strong local following by performing around the West Midlands area, as well as London. We hope that we’ll be able to see her in action one day!

Gaby K has also released other tracks including: “I Dont Wanna (Be Here)”, “Are You Ready” and “Lost.” We love her unique pop sound and we highly recommend you go check her out! Be sure to show your support by following her Facebook and Instagram

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