Gaby K Releases New Single ‘Guilty Pleasure’

Today (19th of March), Birmingham based songstress Gaby K dropped her brand-new single “Guilty Pleasure.” The track is now available to stream on Spotify!

“Guilty Pleasure” showcases Gaby’s slick vocals which are pitch perfect from beginning to end. It’s an intimate track that allows you to hear a part of the singers life. She describes that feeling we get when we know we are about to over step it with someone we know we shouldn’t be involved with. It’s a track about temptation and the not wanting to hold back, and then feeling guilty that we’re even thinking those thoughts. All of this is summed up in an extremely relatable lyrics, and the smooth jazz tones that can be heard throughout.

When talking about the meaning behind the track, Gaby K says;

“My single talks about entertaining the thought of overstepping a boundary with someone you know you shouldn’t, and that feeling being reciprocated. The song takes the listener through the feelings of temptation despite not ultimately acting on them. I wrote this song not only from my own experience, but from knowing that many people have had these thoughts about someone they know or even just passed by in the street. It is not something we should feel ashamed of, but it is easy to still be encompassed by guilt despite no physical wrongdoing. It is a thought that we may not share with anyone and therefore I chose to write this song, so others could resonate and feel they’re not alone in having these thoughts.”

Gaby is a singer/songwriter from Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham. The 25 year old has managed to build quite a following by building up her reputation around her local area. Baby steps can go a long way and we’re sure she is only getting started. She’s confident in getting her name out there and has recently performed her first proper live stream gig. No doubt when the COVID-19 crisis is over, she will be able to perform on stage in front of a physical audience – and they will enjoy every second of it.

This is a singer you don’t want to miss out on. Be sure to follow Gaby K on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up to date on future releases!

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