Pixar Release Trailer For “Inside Out 2”

Pixar have just released the highly anticipated trailer for the upcoming sequel “Inside Out 2”!

“Inside Out” is a well loved Pixar film that that tells the story of a little girl called Riley and her emotions. Inside her head, we are introduced to Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, and Anger. These emotions work together to help Riley process big changes in her life. Originally, Joy wanted Sadness to steer clear of the work they do in Riley’s head – in fear that Riley might never be happy if Sadness had more involvement. After going on a grand adventure around Riley’s body, and discovering past memories, meeting imaginary friends (we’re still not over Bing Bong), and exploring Riley’s imagination in depth, the emotions learn that sadness is okay and when you open up to your emotions, it can bring you closer together.

Fans have been wanting a sequel from the moment the the first film came out. Now, nearly nine years later, they will be finally getting their wish. In the new truly, we see all the old characters living contently…that is until they are introduced to a brand-new emotion…anxiety. And she hints that she is not on her own. As Riley grows older, it is only natural that she will begin to feel emotions that are alien to her. But, how will that affect the dynamic of the work Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger and Disgust have put in her life so far? Not only does Riley have to deal with her new emotions, but her EMOTIONS also have to deal with her new emotions.

Inside Out explores deep topics that is hard for anyone to understand. Pixar are fantastic at creating a wonderful movie that discusses such topics for all ages to understand – and they do this by telling a lovely, funny, and fun-loving story.

“Inside Out 2” is due to be released next summer!

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