Scouting For Girls Share ‘The Place We Used to Meet’

Scouting For Girls have released their beautiful new album ‘The Place We Used to Meet’, available to listen to on all streaming platforms!

The album starts with ‘Glow’ and is the perfect introduction of what’s to come. With their dreamy soundscapes and perfect ability of painting a picture, this one will make you feel all warm inside! ‘The Missing Part’ follows, and is a great example of how Scouting For Girls use playful metaphors in their lyrics. Something about that seems playful, and is one of many charms of the band.

A few tracks later is ‘Reckless Love’. With a more serious tone this song will have you flashbacking to your first heartbreak. It can be difficult to reflect how your reaction should have been to a situation, and ‘Reckless Love’ sums up this feeling perfectly. ‘The Place We Used to Meet’ comes straight after, and tells just as much of a gut wrenching story. It even has its’ own reprise, offering a sense of calm amongst the chaos.

‘It’s Alright Now’ has a really chilled out vibe and gives Sunday morning feels. It offers the important message of negative feelings and situations will get better with time and ‘it will pass’. With the perfect track listing, ‘Raise a Glass’ is next and is a feel good upbeat number. A reminder to always be authentically yourself and that this should be celebrated!

‘Too Cool to Call’ will have you thinking of your parents and older loved ones, as well as your own children. We’ve all heard the phrase ‘they grow up so fast’ and this gorgeous song is the purest sound of that feeling.

‘Marnie’s Lullaby’ is the perfect goodbye to the album. It has some of the most gorgeous harmonies and angelic vocals in the history of the band. A celebration of life and love, and one that will have you lost in the moment for a few minutes.

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