Against The Current Release New Single “silent stranger”

Pop-punk band, Against The Current, are back in action with the release of their new single titled “silent stranger.”

Against The Current are one of those bands you can always rely on when it comes to the consistency of their music. Although they have developed and grown over the years, their music still has that signature sound that has always been theirs. “silent stranger” is no exception to the rule. It has powerful sound that the band have always been known for, yet there is something about it that evolved in contrast to their last releases.

Lead singer, Chrissy Costanza, has one of the best vocals within today’s punk scene. In the new single, she’s belting the lyrics out from the moment you press that play button. Pair that with the instrumentation provided by Daniel Gow (guitarist), and Will Ferri (drummer), you’re left with the perfect blend of talent. It’s addictive, and you’ll want to dust off your air guitar before you give it a listen.

A music video was also released alongside the track and can now be viewed below;

If you are a punk-rock/punk-pop music, and never grew out of your emo phase, then Against The Current NEEDS to be on your playlist. With the release of “silent stranger,” we predict that there are only more bangers to come from the trio.

To keep up to date with what Against The Current are up to, you can follow them on Twitter and Instagram! “silent stranger” can now be streamed via all major streaming platforms.

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