Taleban Dooda Drops Emotional New Single ‘Going Global’

Taleban Dooda returns with an emotional new track titled “Going Global” via District 18 and Warner Records. It is now available to stream via all major streaming platforms!

“Going Global” is a stunning, unfiltered track that hits you right in the soul. It’s the kind of song that listeners can truly connect with. It’s raw lyricism has the power the draw the listeners in and make them stay till the end. The single is all about what it feels like to begin your rap career, and Taleban describes his experiences in the most hard-hitting way possible. He is pouring out and thoughts and fears, putting him in a vulnerable position that you can’t help but admire.

The release was soon after the soulful “Mind of a Maniac” and “Major Pain”. The artist has a way of writing music that almost feels like you’re listening to his diary. All this new music has Taleban Dooda fired up to release his most recent project that is due to come out during the summer. Last year, the 20-year-old dropped his debut album “Fallen Angel” and it showcased a list of emotional songs including 2021 hit “Call 100 Times” – a track that became a safe space for the grief he has nowhere else to put.

His music journey is far from over, and he will continue to release music that is good for the soul. Taleban is an artist that demands to be heard and being heard is exactly what he will get. The rising will continue to rise to the best that he can be and it is exciting to witness a talented, young artist get their voice heard.

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