Alice Pisano Releases Relatable Single ‘Boys Like You’

Credit - Robert Blackham

A few weeks back, Alice Pisano released a highly relatable track – for guys and girls alike – titled “Boys Like You.” It’s a track that is an absolute must hear!

“Boys Like You” explores what if feels like to keep finding yourself with the same type of person when it comes to finding a romantic partner. Whether that be online, in person, blind date, mutual friend, they all seem to end up the same. Red flags show, they ghost you after your meeting, yet you never seem to learn your lesson and you repeat the same pattern. It’s a situation we’ve all been through. Through her unique way of storytelling, Alice perfectly captures that feeling of frustration, yet still keeping it light, fun, and entertaining. If we can’t find songs that relate to our problems perfectly, then what’s the point? “Boys Like You” will allow you to vent your frustrations without needing a therapist to tell you that you keep dating the wrong kind of guy.

A music video was released alongside the track where the story is brought to life before our very eyes. In the video, we see Alice Pisano go on a string of unsuccessful dates and the problems they bring. From the getting ready beforehand process going to waste, to waiting by the phone afterwards for a call that is never going happen. It’s a jolly way to lighten up what is usually a rather annoying circumstance. The video is now available to watch via YouTube below;

We are sure that the singer has a lot more up her sleeve in the months ahead so, if you enjoyed “Boys Like You,” then be sure to follow Alice Pisano over on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for further updates! You can listen to the track via all major streaming platforms!

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