Walk Off the Earth Share ‘Back in Bed’

Walk Off the Earth have shard their new single ‘Back In Bed’. The track is now available to listen to on all major streaming platforms!

The band are based just outside of Toronto. You’ve probably seen them before – after going viral with their ‘Somebody That I Used to Know’ cover, which showed 5 people playing 1 guitar! Since the video became a YouTube sensation with over 192 million views, the band have released a series of hits such as ‘I’ll Be There’, ‘Fire In My Soul’ and ‘Rule The World’.

‘Back in Bed’ describes the feeling of unexpectedly meeting a new person and having an instant connection. After spending the night together, the feeling can be overwhelming of instantly wanting to spend time with that person again. Having multi gendered vocals adds a new level of storytelling, hearing both sides of the story and both wanting to be ‘Back in Bed’.

When discussing the new release, Walk Off the Earth shared:

“This song is about an unplanned escapade with someone that is just so unexpectedly cool. You have such a memorable night together and you want to relive that time over and over again because the feelings are so enjoyable and you know they feel the same, it’s exciting!”

Walk Off the Earth have sold-out venues across the world including Red Rock, Sydney Opera House, Carnegie Hall and Wembley. They have also collaborated with some huge names in the industry such as Snoop Dogg, Lukas Graham, Keith Urban and Nicky Romero. They really show no signs of slowing down as fans and listeners continue to support their success.

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