Daisy Clark Returns With ‘Sudden Death’

Daisy Clark has returned with her fabulous new track ‘Sudden Death’. It is now available to listen to on all major streaming platforms!

Daisy is from Cornwall, England, and is nothing less than an online sensation. Back in 2016 she gathered her first hit of a million views on YouTube, with her cover of ‘Hopelessly Devoted To You’. From here, the success grew and grew for the singer-songwriter, with even Billie Eilish herself acknowledging the gorgeous vocals on Daisy’s cover of ‘Bellyache’.

Now 23, Daisy has been successful with releasing music independently since 2018. The future certainly looks bright for the songstress, who this month has been in Nashville writing new material and is lined up to play Cornwall’s Rock Oyster Festival later this year.

When discussing the new single, Daisy said:

I was inspired by a lot of changes in my life at a particular time – I was meeting new people, making new friends and a lot of my old friends were moving to new cities and it made me nostalgic about the ups and downs of past relationships. Sudden Death is a song about fragile relationships I have experienced and how friends can turn to strangers all too quickly. It’s both powerful and emotional and is one of my personal favourites!”

Drawn from her own experience, ‘Sudden Death’ tackles the friendships and relationships that dwindle into nothing. The track goes into depth about the feeling of being incomplete, and will have you evaluating your own personal relationships.

As well as truly heartfelt lyrics, the track is paired with the gorgeous vocals from Daisy that listeners have grown to love.

The new track was written by Daisy herself with the help of Joel Baker. Joel is intensely popular in the scene of production and song writing. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Bob Dylan and J Dilla, he has worked with some big names such as Taylor Swift, Etta Bond and Sneakbo.

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