Taylor Swift Surprises Fans By Dropping ‘This Love (Taylor’s Version)

It is common knowledge that Taylor Swift, being the queen that she is, is re-releasing all her previous albums to regain their ownership and claim them as her own once again. So far, we have been treated to her version of “Fearless” and “Red,” and now we are getting a snippet of “1989” as she releases “This Love (Taylor’s Version).”

Taylor has a unique way of making her new versions of previous songs sound…better…(if that’s even possible), yet still sticking to its original sound. It’s these songs have matured and what we are hearing now is the adult version. They have grown up with her and her fans and it shows. The new version of “This Love” still has that same, dreamy vibe as the original, yet the songstress has somehow modernised it to fit the present times. It flows beautifully, her vocals are flawless, and her iconic storytelling in her lyricism are as on point as ever.

This song isn’t the only song that Taylor Swift has re-released from “1989.” Last year she also dropped her version of fan favourite, “Wildest Dreams.” Although it hasn’t been officially confirmed, as these two releases are from the same album, it is highly speculated that “1989” will be the next revamped version to be released. However, Taylor is notorious for throwing a curveball and catching fans out when they least expect it. Who knows what the next release will be? And, realistically, who cares? Whatever she chooses to release next is going to be a masterpiece. Quite frankly, Taylor Swift can do no wrong when is comes to her music. She’s one of the most well-loved singers for a reason.

“This Love (Taylor’s Version)” is now available to stream via all major streaming platforms!

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