REVIEW – Taylor Swift Makes Us All Cry in Her ‘All Too Well’ Short Film

On Friday the 12th of November, Taylor Swift re-released her classic album “Red.” It showcases all the original songs from when it was first released, extra tracks from the Vault, and a heart-wrenching, 10 minute version of “All Too Well.”

Music fans from across the world were in a frenzy over this release, and this new version of “All Too Well” was the star of the show. To make it even more special (and to put us all into an emotional wreck), Taylor wrote and directed a short film starring herself, Dylan O’Brien, and Sadie Sink. Whilst fans knew it was coming as she announced the film some time ago, nobody was ready for the sheer talent that came out of it.

The film is fifteen minutes long, and is essentially a long music video…with some Oscar-worthy acting in between. Here, we see “All Too Well” come to life in the most unique way imaginable. The video begins with the couple walking into a cosy house whilst Taylor sings “I walked through the door with you, the air was cold, but something ’bout it felt like home somehow and I, left my scarf there at your sisters house and you’ve still got it, in your draw, even now.” “Taylor” (who is played by Sadie Sink), then puts a red scarf on the stair banister. A haunting story of a toxic relationship unfolds before our eyes. The good, the bad, and the ugly will take you on an emotional rollercoaster.

In the middle of the film, the music stops and we can see Sadie and Dylan’s characters argue about a dinner they just had with his friends. The scene was completely unscripted. You forget that you are watching two actors playing parts. Upon watching, you’ll feel like you are watching a real life, true relationship going sour.

We then see Dylan’s character eventually end the relationship. What follows is what viewers will find the most relatable and heartbreaking. Taylor (Sadie), finds herself in complete despair in the aftermath of the break-up. Once again, you forget that you are watching an actress. You can feel her pain, sorrow, and anger. Sadie showed what it’s like to experience heartbreak; sobbing into your pillow, feeling alone at parties, not being able to sleep, feeling utterly paralysed by your loss. Dylan’s character also experiences loss as we see him look back on all the memories the two of them had together, feeling his regret.

The video ends thirteen years after these events, where we see the actual Taylor Swift playing herself. She’s reading her book titled “All Too Well” at some book event or press conference. The camera pans out to somebody watching her through the window. It’s Dylan’s character…wearing that red scarf at the very beginning of the video.

The short film is breathtaking. There is so much depth within it, you have to watch it a third of fourth time to be able to analyse every ounce of it. Taylor Swift proved a long time ago that her artistry and storytelling are phenomenal, but this short film is truly out of this world. Everything about it is just pure perfection. Clearly, many others thought so as it racked up over 20 million views in just two days!

“Red (Taylors Version)” is now out to stream on all major streaming platforms and has already broken records. It has broken the record for the most streamed album in a day by a female, and Taylor Swift herself broke the record for the most streamed in a day in Spotify history. It’s fair to say, that Taylor Swift needs to rule the world…if she doesn’t already.

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