Jayd Drops Gorgeous Track ‘Lucid Lover’

Jayd has dropped her beautiful new track ‘Lucid Lover’. It is now available to listen to on Spotify, Apple, and SoundCloud!

Jayd is a British indie artist, based in Luxembourg. Growing up she was immersed in dance and theatre, and has also lived in France as an entertainer. She is not a stranger to the industry, and her art and talent is certainly proof of her experiences.

The track introduces itself with the gorgeous breathy vocals from the artist. Jayd paints a relatable picture while touching on some big subjects such as how your mental health can be effected in a relationship, as well as how to deal with toxic energies.

Featuring on the track is London based rapper Mirari More. Born in Lagos, Nigeria, he emigrated to London as young as 7 years old. His input on the track has created a masterpiece of merging the sounds of both artists into a track you’ll have on repeat for weeks.

When discussing the track, Jayd said:

“I am good at remembering stories people have told me and putting myself into someone’s shoes and writing from an honest place as if it was me living through it”.

With the above in mind, listeners are thrilled to enjoy the personal experience of her, as well as her empathetic mind speaking the stories of others.

Jayd is known for her incredibly relatable lyrics and humbling, grounded vibe. The story telling in her words is like no other, with listeners all over the world excited for every new release. She also does a brilliant job with layering her own vocals and harmonising to create the perfect sound we have grown to love.

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