Nina Nesbitt Releases Stunning New Track ‘Dinner Table’

Scottish songstress, Nina Nesbitt, tells her grandmother’s story in the most beautiful way you can imagine – through the art of music.

“Dinner Table” explores the tale of Nina’s beloved Grandma. She shares her personal story with the world, making anyone who listens to it think of the times they’ve had with their grandparents. It is an extremely gentle track that showcases the singer’s stunning vocals, as well as demonstrating the beauty of storytelling through lyricism. She fondly talks of the love her Grandmother has for Elvis, how her granddaughter is trouble just like her mother, and her dreams of becoming a ballerina. It is not your typical love song, but rather showcasing three generations of three beautiful going through the same experiences in different parts of their lives.

A music video was also released alongside the single where we meet her grandmother. She shares old photographs and personal footage of their unique bond. It’s simply a joy to watch.

When artists allow their listeners to hear a part of themselves, there will always be that instant connection. The power of music is one of the best things in this world. Nina Nesbitt has shown this by sharing the love she has for a relative. By doing this, fans of hers feel that she has let them into part of her life, and now they can reminisce on their own lives and also share their stories.

Nina is currently touring the US with James Arthur. You can enter to win tickets to see both Nina and James here, and the full dates can be seen below;

“Dinner Table” is now available to stream via all major streaming platforms! And you can keep up to date with Nina Nesbitt by following her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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