Nina Nesbitt Releases ‘No Time (For My Life To Suck)

Photo Credit - Diana Dumi

2022 has already been a great year for Nina Nesbitt when it comes to new music. She has already released several singles including “Dinner Table” and “Pressure Makes Diamonds.” She’s also announced that she will be releasing her brand-new album “Alskar” on the 2nd of September!

This week, she has given us another insight into what the overall sound of the album is going to sound like with her new single “No Time (For My Life To Suck).” Nina is a pro at writing impactful lyrics to coincide with a strong, and unique vocals. The songs and stories that she tells within them are simply unforgettable. “No Time (For My Life To Suck)” is catchy, yet speaks some home truths. It’s a challenge not to sing along. It could be used as the theme song to a lot of people’s lives, and is sung so beautifully. The songstress is pitch perfect in all that she sings, and makes it seem effortless.

“Alskar” was announced back in June and will feature the new single alongside eleven other tracks that are bound to be just as powerful and addictive. It’s an album that deserves to be on everyone’s radar. It is now available to pre-order here, and the full track-listing can be found below;

Alskar Tracklisting:


Teenage Chemistry

No Time (For My Life to Suck)

Pressure Makes Diamonds

Dinner Table

When You Lose Someone

I Should Be A Bird

Colours Of You

Limited Edition

Older Guys



The singer is bound to have more surprises up her sleeves in the coming months, so be sure to follow Nina Nesbitt on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to ensure that you don’t miss out on any further news!

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