Beija Flo Releases Haunting New Single ‘Waiting for the Sun’

“Waiting for the Sun” is the stunning new single from Beija Flo. It sets an eerie, dreamlike mood that is simply captivating to the ears.

Beija Flo has such an iconic, unique voice that immediately sucks you in from the moment you press play. “Waiting for the Sun” flows smoothly from start to finish, leaving the listener in a trance that will make them automatically hit the repeat button. It’s a single that is fresh and completely different to anything else that you hear in today’s music. The singer explains;

“I find it hard to describe what ‘Waiting For The Sun’ is – not because I don’t know what it’s about, but because it’s emotionally challenging to talk about. It feels like such a milestone in my life to finally be releasing it. I’ve been sitting on it for the entirety of my adult life, it’s had many guises. 

I wrote the song at the start of my journey into the real world. I’d just moved somewhere new to start something new. It was also born not too long after being diagnosed with MRKH syndrome and after experiencing heartbreak for the first time.

I‘ve been through so much since then. The meaning of the song has changed so much over the years and I suppose continues to. I’ve been lonely, bruised, forced, scarred. Nostalgia has always made me sad. It’s hard to be happy whilst time travelling when there is just so much grief to revisit. There are also so many mountains that I have climbed and claimed whilst carrying these weights around.

Beija has used a deep, personal experience and turned it into a work of art. The track is the second of a special trio of songs, and it was recorded at SPQR’s Yellowbird Studio and produced by Sam Baker – who has been a long-term collaborator and close friend. Each single has seen a limited edition signed and numbered art print featuring the single artwork created by Beija Flo herself. “Heads or Tails” was the previous single to be dropped, and is completely different to “Waiting for the Sun.” The first track sees strong instrumentation, powerful vocals, and takes on an almost chaotic vibe, whilst the other is more on the gentle side. Each track just shows off Beija’s incredible talent. She continues;

I have become quite the mountain climber I suppose. Forever chasing the sun over monstrous hills. But I’ve done it and I continue to do it. I look back at what I have battled and won and I can’t help but be in awe of that young woman. I imagine this is what motherhood feels like.

I suppose I find talking about Waiting For The Sun so difficult because it’s a medal. It’s a big medal I wear across my chest, day in, day out. It was born in the middle of a war, and is now a growing series of very precious battle scars. It’s hope.”

The songstress has made quite the name for herself on the indie scene. She has travelled around the UK performing in front of audiences at multiple independent music venues. She keeps her set up simple with just her laptop and her voice yet, she still seems to control and captivate a crowd using only the basics. Dates for her upcoming live shows can be found below if this is something that you wish to experience in person.


Thu 24th – Arts Club Theatre, Liverpool (with Crawlers, sold out)


Fri 22nd – FUTURE YARD, Birkenhead (special headline, full line up TBA)


29th – 31st – Deer Shed Festival, North Yorkshire (band)

“Waiting for the Sun” is now available to stream. To give it a listen, and to buy tickets for her upcoming shows in the Spring, you can follow this link. For further updates, be sure to check her out on her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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